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Music is the connecting cord of the globally varying population beyond demographical and geographic boundaries. There are ardent music lovers and fans worldwide who are fascinated by creating their karaoke and instrumental pieces. The biggest annoyance in this task is the presence of unnecessary vocals. Thanks to technology, there is no need to worry about the inconvenience anymore. There is a huge variety of vocals remover programs in the software market to address the issue in a quick span. The following article talks about the Wondershare UniConverter as an alternative solution to remove vocals Audacity.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a Video toolbox that comprises a heap of video processing utilities like the Video Compressor, Transfer, Recorder, Editor, Converter, etc. The most recent and updated version of the software, UniConverter 14 is all set to enter the IT market on June 30, 2022. The latest updates promise improved functionality in video conversion, compression, and other footage-based applications. A new audio editing feature has also been included.

In comparison to its market competitors in video processing, UniConverter comes with the advantage of handling a series of audio-visual tasks. Other merits of the tool include a quick processing time and a straightforward and easy-to-use working interface. You can also work with the tool to transform a song into karaoke music by removing its vocals.

Practicing your favorite music instrument was never as easy as it is with the UniConverter tool. The utility can remove instrumental sounds from a music piece to let you fit in your specific background tones. The removed vocals and instrumental tracks can be saved and remixed in DJ.

How to Remove Vocal with Wondershare UniConverter 14

Having learned about the credibility of removing vocals with the Wondershare UniConverter tool, let us see through the stepwise procedure to address the concern in what follows next:

Step 1: Hit the Vocal Remover Option

Install the UniConverter tool in your system to be greeted by its welcome interface. Navigate to and click on the ‘Tools’ tab on the left. Next, reach the AI Lab section and tap on the ‘Vocal Remover’ option.

Step 2: Upload Your File

Click on the ‘Add File’ button to select and upload the desired video or audio file for removing the vocals. You can also use the drag and drop method to add the files.

As the upload finishes, the tool’s AI function will automatically extract the vocals from the added files with enough precision.

Step 3: Save the Extracted Vocals

Save the music file without vocals by clicking on the ‘Export’ button beside the instrumentals file. You are free to save both files locally on your PC.

New Feature- AI Audio Function

The latest version of UniConverter comes with an AI-based audio function that uses an advanced AI algorithm to isolate the instruments and voice from any music piece. You can then craft your audio with the extracted music segment. The functionality has a limited period of free usage, after which you need to purchase the tool for continued access.

Other New Features in UniConverter 14

The UniConverter 14 tool is ready to meet you with a host of new and exciting features. Let us have a look at some of them in what follows next:

  • Convert Video

You can work with the tool to convert your audios, images, and videos into more than 1000 formats. The latest version promises to enhance the conversion speed by 50%. UniConverter 14 will also support full-process GPU acceleration for 4K/8K HDR HD video resolution with a 50% increased speed. There’s some good news for video editors as the tool will be compatible with WebM and MP4 formats with alpha channel output.

Other video conversion features of the latest version will include Mac M1 native acceleration support and HEVC (H.265) encoder MP4 (CFHD)/MOV (HEVC)/MKV (AV1)/WebM (VP9/AV1) functionality.  The tool will also have AV1 and VP9 compatibility with multi-threaded GPU acceleration and NVIDIA/AMD/Intel support.

  • Compress Video

The updated version will allow you to compress videos beyond the limits of size with the custom compression feature. You can compress audio files up to 90% without data loss and with 80% better compression quality. The tool includes a series of compression modes to address the most specific audio-visual compression requirements.

  • Play Video

You can independently play videos in over 1000 formats in UniConverter 14 with a playback effect comparable to the VLC professional player. The tool supports 4K/8K HD video and seamless GPU playbacks.

UniConverter Review Conclusions

Creating your music piece is fun and exciting, but the presence of vocals in the audio files ruins it all. When pondering on how to remove vocals from a music track, you can leave your worries with the Wondershare UniConverter tool. Releasing its latest version as UniConverter 14, the tool is packed with excellent video processing features. The advanced AI algorithm is exclusively dedicated to isolating the instrumentals and vocals of a music track so that you can craft your song. All you need to do is, install the program and get going!


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