3 Easy Ways to Promote Your SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud is considered one of the best platforms for musicians to gain recognition for their music. There are millions of users on this platform, which has helped the music industry by allowing these people to upload, share and download music from artists around the world. Promoting new music used to be an ordeal a decade ago but with the rise of social media and music platforms, it has become relatively easy.

The best way to promote your music with SoundCloud is by gaining as many followers as you can, as this will allow you to gain more popularity for yourself and your music or band. Make a profile and allow your followers to share your tracks and make free downloads available as it will increase downloads on SoundCloud.

These helpful tips and tricks for real Soundcloud promotion should make it easy for you to gain maximum visibility with your music.

3 Tips for organic Soundcloud promotion:

Upload premium quality music

People are very fast on the internet these days and no one has enough patience, so you’ll need to make sure your music is exceptional and that you’re happy with the track before you upload it to SoundCloud. You don’t want your first track to get a negative reaction, so listen to it and see if you’re happy with it.

Getting tips from close friends can also give you feedback on your music. Once you are happy with the quality of the music you are going to upload, you should immediately start creating more followers on this platform.

Choose the best time to upload

SoundCloud is an international community and people from all over the world come to the platform to listen to music or the latest tracks from new artists. Make sure you upload your music in a timely manner so you can acquire as many plays as you can. More plays mean more chances of success and support in your music.

Be active in the soundcloud community

Soundcloud is not just any music platform, it is a complete community of music lovers who come together to share their music and experiences. Be interactive with your followers and get engaging discussions with them, watch your community grow. Let them have free downloads to help spread your music.

Moreover, using social networks is important for your Soundcloud promotion. Create artist profiles in those you know how to handle and keep them updated- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud.

Create a good website. Invite your friends to follow your Social media profiles to stay updated. Link your profiles on SoundCloud, Facebook, and on your website.

These spaces retain their popularity if you manage them correctly. Share your story and your process on your social media profiles. 

As a general rule, the most important thing is to treat your social media fans as close friends—if you’d like to share something with your best friends, share it with your music fans as well. For example, You wouldn’t message your friends 5 times a day like “Check out my SoundCloud.” So, don’t forget to send them to your fans as well.

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