3 Greatest Transcription Software You Can Get

Transcription software is used to convert audio files into text or create subtitles for videos. These audio to text converters are used across a variety of industries, including sales, training, and customer service. Some transcription software is cloud-based, meaning that it works on all devices. Some features include multi-speaker detection, playback speed control, and data security.

It has several features that help you improve the accuracy of your transcriptions. For example, it can automatically add speaker labels and time stamps and export transcripts to multiple formats. In addition, it automatically corrects audio, including filler words and splices. Another great feature is the ability to add a voiceover to videos. 

  • Rythmex

Rythmex is an advanced and best transcription software that uses artificial intelligence to produce crisp results. The automatic audio to text converter software also has workflow tools to help you manage your work and integrates with your foot pedal, making it easy to transcribe audio files quickly and efficiently without having to spend hours on manual editing. It is available as a free trial version, and there are also multiple versions available. The free version also lets you import your finished transcripts for free. You also can try to convert mp3 to text for free.

Rythmex enables you to combine multiple tracks into one transcript. This makes it easy to work with multiple speakers in one recording, as long as you have a copy of the same audio. Additionally, you can label all speakers so that you can easily find them in the transcript.

  • Sonix

Sonix audio to text converter online is one of the most popular transcription software applications on the market, and it has been trusted by a number of well-known companies. The software can automatically transcribe audio to text, organizing and searching them in one convenient location. It supports 35 different languages and can also add subtitles to videos. It also integrates with Adobe Premiere and Zoom and offers two-factor authentication. This makes Sonix an excellent choice for any business that needs fast, accurate transcription services.

The free version of Sonix audio to text transcription offers 30 minutes of transcribed audio, and you can also subscribe to a paid plan with up to 50 hours to convert audio to text per month. The free version does not require a credit card, and you can cancel it anytime you like. If you plan to use the transcription software regularly, it is highly recommended that you go for the premium subscription plan. You can easily get a discount if you work for a company that transcribes more than 100 hours a month.

  • NCH Software

NCH Software audio transcription is an Australian software company that was founded in 1993. Today, they have over 60 products available for Windows. They also have apps for Mac, Linux, and iPhone. Their main focus is on audio and video software, but they also make apps for business, transcription, telephony, music, and more.

The software offers a free trial version and comes with a range of features. Some of its most prominent features are its ability to integrate with third-party tools and integrate with audio and video files. It also offers searchable transcripts. It’s open-source, and you can use it from a web browser. It also allows you to edit timestamps and snippets and create subtitles.

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