4 Common Inverter Problems and Their Solutions

Common household problems like internet connectivity, water shortage and power cuts can cause major inconvenience and disrupt your daily routine. Sometime, over utilisation of appliances can also cause them to breakdown and lead to interruptions in urgent tasks. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on your appliances regularly and prevent them from giving up on you while you’re in the middle of something important.

Much like other electronic devices, even your inverter and batteries need regular attention. Conducting frequent checks on your home inverter and batteries can help you solve or prevent any inverter related problems.

Here are some common inverter problems:

  • Battery Not Charging
  • Continuous Beeping of Alarm
  • Shortened Backup Time
  • Noisy Fan

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Now let us address these issues in detail along with their solutions.

  1. Battery Not Charging:

A battery is the backbone of your inverter and needs special care and maintenance. Not providing this care can damage your battery and disable charging.


  • Check if the battery is damaged or dead. In case of a dead battery, initiate a replacement as soon as possible.
  • There can be a loose wire connection in the battery. Apart from this, there can be an instance of a burnt rectifier or a melted fuse. It is advisable to consult a professional and get the inverter back in working conditio
  • Double-check for corrosion at the battery terminals. At times it is because of this corrosion that the battery is not charged properly. So, clean the battery’s terminals with the help of a dry cotton cloth to prevent rusting and corrosion.
  1. Continuous Beeping of the Alarm

Continuous beeping of the alarm usually happens when the inverter is overloaded, Low Battery or the cooling fan is stuck.


  • First, disconnect your inverter from the main source and take off all the extra load from the inverter by switching off a few appliances like the fridge and geyser. You will see that the beeping will stop when you reconnect the inverter.
  • Inverter battery may go to low battery condition when the battery is fully discharged and starts beeping. To resolve this charge the battery full when the mains supply is back and switch on the inverter
  • In case your inverter is beeping because the cooling fan is stuck; you need to disconnect the inverter immediately and get the fan replaced at the earliest.
  1. Shortened Backup Time

Some of the reasons for a shortened backup time could be excessive power consumption, a discharged battery or loss of electrolytes.


  • Considering the battery is fully charged and functional, at times, it is due to the excessive load that the backup time is shortened. If that is the case, you must reduce the inverter load by switching off some appliances.
  • Check if the battery has lost electrolyte by removing the plastic caps that cover the cell ports. Look if the electrolyte levels are not equal in all the cells. In that case, start filling up the battery with distilled water & avoid tap water or RO water. It is advisable to keep the water level between the maximum and minimum mark for a desirable outcome.

In case of a discharged battery, give your inverter battery some time to charge before it can work efficiently again.

  1. Noisy Fan 

When the fan is too noisy, it can cause significant discomfort to your ears. This usually happens because the fan accumulates a lot of dust particles and debris while functioning.


  • Clean the fan with a dry cloth. If the noise continues, you must get it replaced by professional technician.

The Way Forward

With the increase in power consumption across the country, a significant increase has been observed in the variety of inverters available in the market. You can explore various options according to your household requirements. You can even browse through the website of trusted brands like Luminous, which offer the latest home power backup systems such as UPS Zelio Wifi 1100, powered by a 32-bit DSP processor. With mobile app monitoring like charging time, backup time & load running on inverter.

So, go ahead and explore through the various options available online and opt for the most suitable inverter for your household.

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