5 Best Uses of Cream Chargers

Having whipped cream chargers, commonly also know as nangs or whip its, in your home or restaurant is one of the best kitchen decisions to make. It is a timely invention that makes it easy to make high texture cream.

It works through an innovative method of pressurizing gas within a canister where liquid nitrous oxide is released. This gas mixture is brought in contact with the cream while inverting the charger over your dessert, where vigorous dispensing creates a delicious light and airy layer of foam on top of any confectionery.

The gas, Nitrous oxide (N20), contributes to creating an incomparably smooth texture. It also acts as a vasodilator which helps in promoting healthy blood circulation to cells and tissues.

You can improve the quality of your dessert or drinks when with a whipped cream charger in your home or professional kitchen. The product ensures quick delivery of that extra bit of sweetness to your favorite desserts, giving it that special touch you expect from the best desserts out there.

Imagine a world where every scoop of ice cream is a journey, a delightful exploration of flavors and textures. This is the world that ice cream rexburg invites you to. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every scoop is a delightful surprise, a moment of pure joy. So, why not take your taste buds on an adventure today?

Cream chargers have multiple uses and are certainly a must-have in every home. Here are the top five use of N2O cream chargers:

  1. Making Whipped Cream

The most popular use of cream chargers is in making high-quality whipped cream. The Cream Chargers let you easily add nitrous oxide gas to whipping cream to produce the perfect whipped topping. You can top your dessert with whipped cream, quickly and evenly.

The N2O in cream chargers are used to make whipped cream. It reacts with the stabilizers in the cream, making it light and foamy. Although you can make whipped cream manually since there is N2O in the air, you can make it faster and with less effort using cream chargers. The whipped cream made with cream chargers will also have better quality.

  1. For Mousses and Desserts

If you have ever spent some time whipping up mousse, you know that it is no easy feat. Just like whipped cream, mousse involves some science to get right. However, with a cream charger, this process becomes easy.

With the cream charger, you have the perfect mousse in every case. The most notable feature about the tool is that it provides a firm enough peak to hold up against toppings yet is soft enough to flow down into the desert that it is paired with without clumping or leaving stringy, annoying bits behind.

It works well in making the perfect mousse.

  1. Aesthetics on Alcoholic Cocktails 

From the texture to the taste, a cream charger can help you create delicious foam that enhances your cocktails. The innovative dispensing system also allows you to experiment with cocktail flavors. The N2O gas mix ensures safe preparation and handling. It also saves you time and stress to use a cream charger instead of the conventional way of shaking egg whites in a shaker.

Cream chargers have the right technology to help create a rich, creamy foam with an elegant texture that matches the premium quality of the drinks.

Whether you’re a bartender or just interested in making your cocktails, a cream charger will let you add aroma, panache, and zing to your alcoholic drinks easily.

  1. Infusing Alcohol and Other Liquids

Cream chargers can be used in making syrup, sauce, or other liquid tasty in seconds. Simply add your infusion ingredient of choice directly to the whipped cream dispenser, and place the suitable nozzle into the product you wish to flavor. Then, squirt in the gas through the nozzle to infuse your liquid with your chosen ingredient.

You can use the cream chargers to infuse alcoholic beverages with a natural flavor, like citrus, or an artificial one, like chocolate. The chargers create tiny bubbles in the drink that break quickly and release their flavor into the liquid. Although whipped cream is the popular use of canisters, they also work on fillings for desserts, sauces used in marinades and glazes, and vinaigrettes for salads.

  1. Sparkling Drinks

With nitrous oxide (N20) in cream chargers, you can make sparkling juices in different flavors. They can create new and exciting flavors for your fresh juices.

You can use the charger with fruits or even jam, and you can even use healthy ingredients like vegetables. It pushes the N20 into the drink so you don’t have to worry about extra sugars, bad ingredients, or artificial flavorings.

Simply fill your cream charger, place the bottle containing juice, screw on the top, and shake it up. Most of the gas will dissolve into the juice creating a sparkling soft drink. Just like that, you’ll have natural sparkling juices with different fruits and recipes from the comfort of your home.


They are different possibilities you can explore when you have a cream charger in your home or restaurant. It becomes easy to make whipped cream, sparkling juices, infused alcohol drinks, and much more. Get a good whipped cream charger today, you can buy them online and have them delivered to your door from places like the Cream Charger Warehouse, and take your culinary skills to a new level.

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