5 Brilliant Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

Is your little one looking forward to a big day? Are you looking for some far-out birthday party ideas for your junior cake-eater?

While birthdays are exciting, the average children’s birthday party can become quite predictable. Pizza, board games, and are fun, but kids and parents have been to enough of these soirees to become tired of the same old routine.

Here are some cool party ideas you may not have thought about.

1. Gaming Truck Party

While some venues require a bit of a trek for your party-goers, and others require a lot of mess in your home, a gaming truck provides a separate party venue right on your own property. And you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the entertainment.

If you’ve got particularly active kids, it can be easy for them to become restless after snacks, dinner, and cake. In fact, you may even worry about keeping track of all your party guests.

With a gaming truck, however, you’ll know that everyone is in the same space for the whole length of your party. The buses come equipped with screens, consoles, light shows, and high-energy sound systems. Some party packages may even come with extras, like necklaces or t-shirts.

2. Glam Party

If you’re ready for a groovy party right in your own backyard, you may also be able to rent a beauty lounge for your guests. It will keep them enthralled and excited during the entire soiree.

Salon parties are great with younger guests who will enjoy doing their hair and nails with glitter and pizzazz. Some party packages may also include additional entertainment such as arts and crafts, dancing, and invitations. Older guests might enjoy using the lounge for pre-proms or fundraisers.

The standard party fare goes great with a glam party, although you can get a bit creative with the theme. Consider marshmallows dipped in frosting for mini nail-polish desserts or cute cookies in the shape of purses. Of course, it’s easy to find plates, balloons, and streamers in keeping with your theme at your local party store.

3. Sleepover Tents

As your kiddo gets a bit older, sleepovers become a cool addition to their party options. Your little one can roll up their sleeping bag and pillow and get ready for an entire night of movies and secrets with their friends.

Great sleepover foods include those your guests can help create, such as homemade pizzas and ice cream sundaes. Your junior party-goers will enjoy helping you plan the treats. It will also help to keep them entertained throughout the evening.

Recently, mini in-home sleepover tents are becoming popular. These are comfy enough for some cozy sheets and pillows. Some may also include things like lighting so your little ones won’t get scared of the dark.

Sleepover tents can make the entire sleepover experience more exciting. Your birthday kid can help you set them up and create extra treats for each of your guests. Tents also make the indoor camping experience a little more special.

4. Outdoor Movie Night

In the days of social distancing, an outdoor movie night could be just the ticket to a safe and happy gathering. You can rent a screen or projector from a local venue, or purchase one if you’re planning on using it multiple times.

Lots of parents add cozy cushions or blankets to make the whole experience more exciting for kids. Of course, popcorn or a cotton candy machine can help to make the whole experience more authentic. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, don a cap and striped shirt and serve the kids yourself as the concession worker!

Glow-in-the-dark touches, like necklaces, can help make the night feel special. Start off the night by allowing your guests to walk down a red carpet. And you can double up by turning special cups and popcorn holders into favors your guests can take home!

You can have a lot of fun with the munching at a movie night. Consider lots of finger foods like hot pretzel bites and chicken fingers. Desserts can involve fun options like s’mores pops and candied potato chips.

5. Beach at Home

Younger children, especially, love to recreate the atmosphere of the beach when they’re at home. Invite everyone to a “beach” party where you use nets and seashells as table decorations. You can even set up your own at-home photo booth, where kids can use sunglasses, Hawaiian necklaces, or snorkels as props.

Food for a beach party can be simple summer party fare, with items like mango salsa or pineapple bites as appetizers. You can also get really creative and serve items like sand dollar cookies or hummus with a veggie “octopus” on top.

Pretending you’re at the beach also means having cool “tunes” to play while you play fun beach games. Have your kids pick out a soundtrack with songs by the Beach Boys and other upbeat party sounds.

Limbo and volleyball are awesome beach games you can play in your own backyard. Classics like tug-of-war and Storm bowling can also help to get everyone in the summer mood! It is good idea to ask for advice for the people.

Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are an exciting time, but it’s easy for party themes to get a bit stale. With a little research and some special touches, you could be throwing the party of the year at your house in no time. And your kids will remember the good times for years to come!

Don’t stop getting smart about your home and family now. For more great advice, read our blog today.

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