5 Frugal Ways to Give a Fresh New Look to Your Living Room

Transforming a Room Without Depleting Your Bank Account
So that living room looks old, it looks played, it looks boring. What can you do to make it look and feel better? Well, there are a variety of tactics, and you don’t necessarily have to spend all the resources you have available to put such strategies in motion. Here we’ll briefly explore five ways you can revitalize your living room without destroying your budget.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture
    One very simple thing you can do to transform your living room is simply rearrange the furniture. Put the couch against the opposite wall, reconfigure the chairs, put the TV somewhere else, maybe scoot that bookshelf across the back wall. The only thing this tactic costs you is time, and perhaps a small amount of sweat if you’ve got large furniture items.
  2. For Tile, Cement, or Wood Floors: New Rugs
    There are rugs made of Alpaca fur which are so soft, your feet will practically dance with joy. While soft rugs aren’t always affordable, for a change in the flavor of the room, you can find a variety of multi-colored carpets which can be applied for aesthetic results in the room. There are many options to choose from.
  3. Get Some Fresh Flowers as a Centerpiece
    Fresh flowers have a fine smell, and they can be acquired in whatever color scheme you like, practically. If you haven’t, you might use fresh flowers to help make your living room feel as in bloom as you want it to.
  4. Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere
    Mirrors don’t only compound the spread of life, they also make it feel like a given room is larger than it is. You don’t always look into a mirror head on. Often you’re glancing into its reflection at an angle. Accordingly, it feels like you’re looking out a window, or into another room. A living room with many mirrors feels much larger than it is.
  5. Varying Throw Blankets: Cheap and Gorgeous
    A few judiciously draped throw blankets can make old furniture seem chic and new. Here’s an NYT list of some of the best throw blankets for 2021, if you’re having trouble making your choice.

Making Your Old Living Room Feel Totally New
Simply rearranging the furniture in your living room can revitalize the space. If you’ve got hard flooring, new rugs can add a new flavor to the area without costing an arm or a leg. One of the least expensive, and most transformative, options involves putting fresh flowers in the center of the room.

Additionally, mirrors compound light, making the space feel bigger, and throw blankets can make old furniture seem hip and new. Some of these options will work better for your living room than others, and you may not like any of them—hopefully, though, at minimum these give you the inspiration you need to make your living room seem like something totally new.

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