The Quintessential Man: How to Be a Better Man in 2021

Why wait until the new year to start improving yourself? Whether you want a whole new wardrobe, a healthier lifestyle, or a total transformation, there’s still plenty of time to take 2021 by storm and become your own type of quintessential man. Wearing the right thing or having good morals, even a simple change can compound and become a significant improvement. With The Quintessential Man, that transformation can be a simple one.

Makeover your style. 

To makeover your style, your first step should be looking to your existing closet. In fact, you’ll find that something similar is true for any improvement—you need to know where you stand now to begin upgrading as you go forward. First, donate or otherwise dispose of clothes you don’t wear, then figure out what sorts of items you will wear and enjoy wearing. Even everyday things, like joggers, can be stylish and high-quality. 

Then, once you have a collection of pieces you love (of course, that collection can be added to over time, too!), make sure you’re taking care of these items. For example, do a bit of research into how to keep your sneakers bright white or how you can do your laundry in a way that keeps your clothes and accessories in tip-top shape. 

Upgrade your belongings. 

Before you turn to your gear and other material possessions, look around your home more broadly. Does this space reflect the version of you that you most want to be? If not, what sorts of changes or adjustments would help it become that place? Even if you’re hoping to move in the not-so-distant future, upgrading your current environment can do wonders for your transformation. 

Then, of course, you can turn more specifically to specific items or groups of objects. Do you want to be the type of person who golfs? You might want to upgrade your gear. Want to be known as the type of man who travels as much as possible? Invest in some quality luggage to show off your wanderlust. Of course, not everything can be ideal, whether that’s the necessary cleaning supplies that don’t spark joy or your partner’s belongings, which you won’t want to touch or change without permission. Still, you can make significant changes to your space and everything in it with just a few seemingly minuscule upgrades. 

Transform your life. 

With a whole new wardrobe and a refreshed space, you should already be feeling the effects of your new-and-improved life. These tangible changes can make a big difference, but they’ll only go so far—to truly transform yourself and become your special edition of a quintessential man, you must look inward. From your mindset to how you’re interacting with the people around you, you can improve yourself one step at a time. 

For instance, can you start doing the right thing more frequently? Chances are, you’re already doing good things each day, but it’s just as likely you’ll find you can upgrade these positive habits even further. What’s most important, though, with this and any of your lifestyle upgrades, is that you continue this process over time. So, from maintaining your new wardrobe to working on your mindset, keep making progress towards becoming your ideal quintessential man. 

The way you dress, the possessions you keep, and how you think and act will all come together to craft the man you will be moving forward. If you’re looking to become your ideal version of yourself, these elements are a few key factors—how well are these items fitting into your image of your best you? Then, once you’ve answered these questions, you can start to make changes. Making major transformations in one fell swoop or gradually updating one thing at a time, you can create the improved version of your life—and the improved version of you that comes with it. 

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