5 Important Factors You Must Consider Before Comparing Exhaust Fan Prices

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying an exhaust fan is that they make a buying decision based on the exhaust fan’s price. While we understand that budget could be one of the constraints, one should also look at the price-to-value aspect. For instance, if an exhaust fan ‘X’ is a few hundred bucks costlier than an exhaust fan ‘Y’ but it offers a longer warranty as compared to the latter then it makes sense to go with X. Similarly, there are various other factors that one should compare before they make a final buying decision. Let us look at some such important factors that are more important than the cost of the exhaust fan. 

  1. Air Suction Capacity

As we know an exhaust throws out hot, humid and stale air in a home and let’s clean and fresh air move in. The efficiency of the exhaust fan depends on its air suction capacity that is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters Per Minute). Higher the CMM, the more air it can throw out per minute. If you are looking for an exhaust fan with a high air delivery you can go with Luminous India’s Vento Exhaust that offers an air delivery of 1300 CMM.

  2. Power Consumption 

This is a very important factor to consider because some exhaust fans run throughout the day and even a small difference in power consumption between two exhaust fans can have a big impact on the electricity bills. And considering the already high and soaring energy prices, a high-power-consuming exhaust fan is the last thing one would want. So make sure you compare the power consumption of different exhaust fans before you buy one.  

  3. Noise Level

The traditional exhaust fans used to be very noisy. The latest exhaust fans are, however, less noisy. But you should still compare the noise levels of different exhaust fans to determine which is the best one. Ask the shopkeeper for a demo to get an idea of an exhaust fan’s noise level. And no matter how rarely you use an exhaust fan, do not ignore the noise level as it can be very discomforting later.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days when exhaust fans used to be plain, simple and boring. These days the exhaust fans are designed keeping in mind the decor of the spaces where they would be installed. For instance, people are into designer kitchens and modular bathrooms spaces, and therefore, they want the exhaust fans to match the decor of these spaces. If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing exhaust fan you can consider buying the Vento Deluxe from Luminous India. 

   5. Warranty

When you buy an exhaust fan from a reputable brand the chances of it breaking down are very less. But you can’t deny that there’s always a possibility. So it is important that you buy an exhaust fan that comes with a generous warranty. Also, make sure you buy from a brand that is known for its after-sales support because no matter how generous the warranty if the seller doesn’t provide timely support, it doesn’t help much. 

Looking for an exhaust fan?

If you want to buy an exhaust fan that’s both energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing then you should check out the wide range of exhaust fans that Luminous India has to offer. Their fans offer various other advantages such as rust-free bodies and dust protection shutters.  

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