5 Incredible Ways to Give Your Home a Complete Makeover Before This Diwali

The Festival of Lights is almost upon us! If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to redecorate your home, now is the time. Although refurbishing your entire house might seem like a time-consuming and expensive process, simply adding and modifying a few things can give your home a complete makeover.

Diwali has social and emotional significance for Indians, but it is also about happiness Makrana White Marble and bringing good fortune into your home. This is the ideal time to make a difference in the lives of others and those in our own home. So, this Diwali, give your home a festive makeover in addition to a thorough cleaning. Here are five amazingly festive home makeover ideas to get you started. 

  • Clean and repair your home

You must first clear space before buying new equipment and furniture, or even creating a new floor plan. This involves getting rid of everything that has been lying and collecting dust and not used for a long time. It’s a good idea to give your home a thorough cleaning Makrana Albeta Marble Price before redecorating. Check your home for leaking faucets, broken electric outlets, faulty appliances, and so on, as these may need fixing before the festive season.

  • Give the exterior of your home a festive look

The first impression is created by the entrance to your home. You can improve the look by polishing or painting your front door and getting the exterior floor cleaned and painted. Consider vibrant colours like yellow or orange to set the perfect ambiance for Diwali. These colours can create an instant impact on those visiting you this Diwali. Consider painting your exterior walls if you find water stains and mold. You may want to get it painted fast. But do try an anti-fungal solution for treating fungus-affected areas before painting. Also, you can choose Berger WeatherCoat paints, which will protect your home from the damaging effects of heavy rainfall and harsh sunlight. You can choose an anti-dust coat, which prevents dust from settling on your exterior walls. There are also options that are anti-algal and anti-fungal. Extend the life of your exteriors with these innovative exterior emulsions. 

Don’t forget to add flowers to decorate entrances and add to the festivities. You can begin decorating your home’s entryway with elaborate rangolis in the week leading up to the eagerly-awaited festival. Alternatively, you can use ready-made rangoli stickers to complete the task. You could also make rangoli designs with flowers and coloured stones and decorate with diyas too. In the true spirit of Diwali, you could perhaps line up large colourful pots and classic diyas on either side of the entryway.

  • Transform your walls

Homes look cleaner and fresher when painted. Why not go for options like Berger interior paints which are environment friendly and better for your health. But how do you check for this? Simply look for paints that have Green Pro Certification by the CII-IGBC. Paints that emit low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are better for your respiratory system and are odourless. Is coronavirus dampening your festive mood? Choose a paint that has been found to be effective against 99% of SARS COV-2 virus.

You don’t need to repaint your entire house to give your home a fresh look. You could just change an accent colour or paint a texture on some walls to decorate your home. To bring the wall colours to life, apply a fresh coat of paint and use proper lighting.

You can dramatically alter the aesthetics of your house by choosing an entirely different colour scheme. Choose colours that match your personality and make your home look cheerful and friendly. For instance, a golden yellow can give a sense of vibrancy and comfort. Worried that the paint job will not get done in time for the festival? Call for Berger Paints Express Painting to get it done faster and completely hassle-free. From consultancy and estimation to a smoother finish and a thorough cleanup after the painting is done, everything will be done for you and done much faster.

  • Fill your home with light

After all, Diwali is the festival of lights, so brighten up your home as much as you can! If you’re going shopping for Diwali, consider investing in chandeliers, quirky floor lamps, colourful ceiling lights, and more. You could either take the conventional approach and place diyas or choose electric lights. String lighting, LED lights, fairy lights, electric candles, and a variety of other lights are easy to set up, use minimal power, do not go out with the wind, and do not damage your walls.

  • Accessorise 

Tableware with appealing colours and patterns made of porcelain, earthenware, or glass can be used in the dining room to evoke joyful sentiments. Metallic decorations, gold items, handcrafted vases, and artwork all contribute to a home’s festive mood. You could create an ethnic, cosy, and cheerful environment with silk, patchwork, and brocade curtains. Rugs come in a range of colours and designs that could completely change the aesthetic of your home. You could use a rug to quiet down a room or bring up the intensity, as desired. You could also invest in coordinating accessories, such as matching curtains and cushions, to give your home a more consistent look. When buying new accessories, consider choosing colours like royal reds, golds, or yellows to add to the festivity at your home.

While greeting guests at home, don’t forget to follow the covid protocols of social distancing and frequently washing your hands.

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