5 luxury watches that make for the perfect gift for your loved one

Watches are since times unknown one of the best gift options for most occasions; be it weddings, birthdays, graduation, or any special event. Top watch brands offer timepieces for every horology enthusiast. With the variety of luxury brands available today, it can be quite a tough task to decide on any one piece. So to make the decision a bit easier here we shall provide you with some exquisite watch brands with which you cannot go wrong!


When searching for a watch that oozes prestige and magnificence, the first name that comes to mind is, possibly that of Omega. The brand has become synonymous with high-end watches and features some of the most coveted timepieces in the world. Classy and sporty, official timekeeper of the Olympics, first watch to land on the moon; Omega is surely one influential Swiss luxury watch brand that is worth investing in as a to be remembered gift option.


Breitling is known for its excellent durability and precision. Its versatility and innovation in watchmaking have resulted in giving birth to some of the most beautifully crafted and precise watches. What defines a Breitling is its quality, design, and performance. When you buy a Breitling, what you get is accuracy and reliability with unmistakable aesthetics. Breitling watches complement their wearer be it a diver, a pilot, or any adventurer.


Rado watches are crafted with high-tech materials that are known to stand the test of time. A very popular name in the luxury watchmaking segment, Rado is classy, reliable, and takes pride in its innovative design capabilities. Rado has a standard of elegance, traditionalism, and performance that is simply outstanding; something not to be taken lightly.


Longines comes with a long history of nearly 200 years in watchmaking and is seemingly one of the oldest registered watch brands which stand out with an instantly recognized logo. The brand has some of the most petite and chunky styles to choose from. Considered as more affordable and attainable, it is best positioned in the luxury watch market.


Thinking of buying a Cartier; you are not just buying a watch but a legacy. Considered as trailblazers in the world of watchmaking, Cartier has created innovative and elegant watches worn by royalty and such. With a rich tradition dating back more than 160 years, it has a plethora of original fine watches which symbolise outstanding savoir and timelessness.

Exclusivity, aesthetic excellence, innovation, state-of-the-art materials, high complications are just some of the features considered by watch connoisseurs before investing in watches. The above list of luxury brands produces some of the most beautiful and durable stunners that simply emanate with precision, power and passion.

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