Legendary dresses were worn by all the famous stars of the world. Those dresses became very popular because of the popularity of the stars. Those dresses are still written in the pages of history. We chose some of the dresses that were the most popular.

Marilyn Monroe- Double Bingo :

Famous Marilyn and her transparent glittering dress, beautiful language voice, and the artist sang Happy Birthday to You. The fabrics were made with diamond sequins and created the trend of a consistent “transparent model”. Another legend of beauty “flying” dress became a classic. This dress received a lot of response at that time.

Kate Middleton wedding dress :

The famous wedding dress of Meghan Merkel, the bride of Prince Harry, became very popular. People saw this dress in all wedding ceremonies at that time. It was created by director Givenchy and Claire Keller, whose work is very modest but is known as Sanskrit. Its designer was Alexander McQueen, who created an excellent standard of wedding fashion.

Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-winning dress :

Audrey Hepburn’s favourite dress is still considered the most fashionable in the world. Ginchi Fashion House made this dress, and the actress wore it. He was then enlightened in his winning departure for the “Oscars” and got it. Angelina Jolie wore this dress on Oscar victory day, and later this dress became world-famous.

Julia Roberts’ famous red dress :

“Pretty Woman” was trendy at the time for Julia’s red dress, the heroine of the film. Often appearing in similar silhouettes and reds, what is there, even the “carpet” itself, is in trend.

Iconic dress :

Her legendary Indian kit for couturier Carl Lagerfeld, renowned fashion house Chanel, creative designer Bob Mackie and the Sultan of Sequins for Cherry draw inspiration from models already created. They are trying to recreate the mood of that renowned time. Just a smile on Halle Berry’s floral dress served by the famous Vivian Lay from Eli Sub or Scarlett O’Hara’s “Wind Wind the Wind”.

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