5 Tips for Creating Videos for a Twitter Audience

Twitter is an excellent platform for video marketing. The number of daily video views on Twitter has increased dramatically in recent years, with the watch time increasing by 85% year-over-year. Video tweets are also ten times more likely to be engaged than non-video tweets. You can use this opportunity to gain an advantage by including videos in your Twitter marketing strategy. 

So what does it take to make an effective Twitter video ad? Does Twitter ad size make a difference in your strategy? Is native content better than other content? Here, we’ll take a closer look at five tips for creating videos for a Twitter audience. 

1 – Include specific video features

Be sure to increase your video reach by including the following features. 

Products & services

Use video content to showcase your products and services. This can help increase brand awareness and interest in your brand since Twitter users’ positive interest and click intent increase by 24% and 34%.


It is also essential to show your branding in the video. Twitter recommends an early display of a logo or branding element. You can also boost brand recall by 25% by displaying your brand for more than half of the video, as well as message recall by 21% by showing your brand for more than half of the video.

The human factor

Human connection is also an essential aspect of your video. There has been a 40% increase in overall responses after videos show a positive interaction between humans or a human desire for a product, according to Twitter.

Captions & subtitles

Since many Twitter users consume content from mobile devices, your videos must be watchable without sound. While you’ll likely want to include audio, it’s important to also include captions so viewers can enjoy a sound-off experience. Captions increase the viewing time of videos by 28%.

2 – Find the video length sweet-spot

It can be a real bummer if Twitter automatically cuts or resizes your video, so here are some extra-useful Twitter video tips you should know: 

  • Minimum res: 32×32 
  • Maximum res: 1920×1200 for landscape and 1200×1900 for portrait 

While the maximum resolutions are much higher than the recommended resolutions and aspect ratios, the recommended resolutions and aspect ratios are quite different. 

Social media apps like Twitter and Facebook have specific video dimensions that work best on their platforms. In addition, video resizer apps make it easy to resize your video without editing or resizing it yourself.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter’s app performs better with shorter videos, given the trend, as mentioned above, towards shorter videos. Short ads (between 6 and 15 seconds) are most effective in terms of driving consideration and purchase intent. In addition to short tweets, Twitter recommends brands use ten words or fifty characters to accompany their video clips.

3 – Stay current

Connecting your brand messaging to Twitter’s latest news and updates is essential, as people use the app to stay updated with the latest news. Topical campaigns on Twitter have a higher recall rate and brand awareness, so keep that in mind when planning, especially around seasonal occasions.

To ensure brands are linked to relevant conversations throughout the year, Twitter recommends Connect campaigns.

4 – Establish goals & KPIs

You should set SMART goals after determining what your audience wants to see. For example, you could focus on educating customers, raising brand awareness, increasing online engagement, generating leads, increasing conversion rates, attracting customers, and increasing revenue. 

Next, it’s important to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), including: 


A user’s engagement with your tweet is determined by the number of times they interact with it. For example, the number of clicks includes anyone who retweeted a tweet, replied, followed, liked, searched for a username or hashtag, expanded the tweet, or clicked a link. 


In the search results or timeline, impressions refer to the number of times a user sees your video tweet. Analyze how many impressions your videos have used with Twitter Analytics.

Video completion rate

The video completion rate refers to how long Twitter users watch your videos. Try altering your content to mirror other high-performing videos if your audience is abandoning your video mid-way.

5 – Use Native Video Content

On a social network, native video content is uploaded directly to (or created on) the platform and displayed in the feed. Native videos, such as those uploaded directly to Facebook from YouTube or Vimeo, differ from videos linked from these sites.

Native video is often the most effective because there are no unnecessary extra clicks or windows to interrupt the user experience, making the content more engaging. 

Are native videos better than linked videos? In addition to autoplay in Twitter feeds, native videos are more likely to be watched by users. Native video drives higher engagement on Twitter than third-party video links, according to internal data analysis.

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and, for many people, the most credible, current, and up-to-date news source available. Make your video ads count to get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaigns! 

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