5 tips to keep your bed sheets like new

There is no feeling like being under crisp and clean sheets, what better than keeping the comforting experience over time? We have compiled the best and often overlooked techniques to take care of your bed-clothes like a pro. So often, we observe simple habits can significantly improve our quality of life. Similarly, by practicing these recommendations, you can enjoy more of your night’s sleep. After reading our tips to recreate the fresh-feelings of hotels’ beds in your own room, you won’t want to get out of bed. So, get ready for a satisfying slumber, each and every night.

  • Opt for good-quality sheets

Investing in good-quality sheets plays a great role in your long term sleeping experience, and your economy matters. Whether you buy sheets online or at the physical location, you want to make the most out of your purchase, and the good news is that getting a good night’s sleep does not have to be expensive. For the comfiest, most breathable feeling bed, you will want to invest in 100 percent cotton sheets, you can enjoy a luxurious feel while keeping hemp bedding allergies at bay as this material is hypoallergenic, all of which maintain sheets fresh for longer, compared to other materials in the market.

  • Wash your sheets the right way

Make the materials last longer by selecting cool to warm water on the gentle cycle. Consider that low temperatures are eco-friendly and current detergents in the market will work well with less hot water. Usually, you can clean whites at about 60 degrees Celsius and it’s better to wash them separately. Also, aim to reduce the recommended amount of detergent by half, and do not use any bleaches in order to avoid damage in the fabric fibre. Now, let’s be honest, no amount of scented spray can substitute washing, the best way to get your sheets feeling fresh is by cleaning them properly.

  • Avoid machine drying

When the goal is to keep your sheets like new, it is smarter to simply hang and dry rather than using the machine, in this case, being patient is worth it. Drying your bedding-clothes outside will result in that incredible air-dried feeling. However, if you do use the clothes dryer, stay away from hot temperatures, you will want to be gentle to your linen to avoid shrinkage and pilling. An excessive heat is what often ruins fabrics. Another pro tip when choosing this method is taking your sheets out a little before the drying cycle is done. 

  • Iron with care

While this habit may require some effort at the beginning, in the long run it pays off. By adding this activity to your cleaning routine, you will remove any wrinkles and add more cleanness to the texture. It is truly satisfying when the wrinkles disappear from your sheets as you iron them.

  • Fold before storing

One final step to maintain the freshness on your sheets is a correct folding. This will help keep them clean and free of dust. By investing some minutes in this activity, you will find it easier to make the bed since the creases will not appear as easily.

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