Raising Chickens Indoors Pros and Cons

There’s nothing better than frying up eggs from home-grown chickens. It’s a wonderful thing to create and harvest your own food. You know your eggs are coming from an organic source and don’t have to worry about commercial hormones and other chemicals.

But what if your property won’t support backyard chickens? What if your neighborhood doesn’t allow chickens?

Have you ever considered raising chickens indoors? Most people start out that way for the first several weeks when the chicks are most vulnerable. But can you make it a permanent solution?

It is possible, but you should know what you’re getting into. Keep reading for the pros and cons of indoor chickens.

No Natural Predators

One of the best things about raising chickens indoors is that you don’t have to worry about natural poultry predators. Natural predators include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Predatory birds
  • Coyotes
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Mountain lions
  • Wolves
  • And more

While some of these might not be a risk because of where you live, a stray neighborhood cat could easily take out a flock of chickens. An indoor chicken cage limits their vulnerability to predators.

No Backyard Renovations

If you don’t want to redesign your backyard or don’t have space for chickens, an indoor chicken coop house might be the way to go. This is ideal for people who have expensive or luxurious landscaping. It’s also ideal for people who don’t have enough property space to raise outdoor chickens.

Do some research to find coop plans that will work indoors. You might find indoor chicken coop ideas that will work perfectly for your space.

No City Coding Problems

In some neighborhoods, it’s against city coding to have chickens on your property. They might disallow farm animals entirely. Conversely, areas that have homes packed tightly together don’t want roosters crowing throughout the day.

Constant Cleanup

One of the downsides of raising chickens indoors is that you’ll need to do a lot more maintenance in their coop. A small indoor chicken coop will get soiled very quickly. This can lead to unpleasant odors and health concerns.

If you’re wondering “Is it safe to raise chickens in the house?” the answer is yes. However, you must stay on top of cleaning out soiled bedding and replacing it with fresh bedding.

If the chickens will be free to roam around the house at any point, consider looking into chicken diapers. They can save you a ton of time and cleaning supplies.


While there aren’t many dangers of keeping chickens in your house, there are some other downsides. For example, chickens can be rather boisterous, especially if you have a rooster. If you’re raising chickens indoors, expect an adjustment period to get used to the constant noise.

Otherwise, consider putting them in an area of the house that is well insulated and somewhat sound-proof.

Is Raising Chickens Indoors Right for You?

Now that you know a little more about raising chickens indoors, have you come to a decision? Is it the right choice for you and your household? Take your time to make your choice, as it will significantly affect your life.

And if you want more homeownership advice, feel free to browse through some of our other articles. We have plenty of information to help people like you make informed decisions.

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