6 Recommendations for Television Placement

Many individuals encounter difficulties when attempting to conceal technology, leading them to seek ways to incorporate it seamlessly into their interior design. Managing a television is an essential aspect of real-life interior decoration. The television serves as a central element in the lives of numerous individuals. This could be deemed as a safe option. However, finding a suitable location in the living room or any other room to install the television can present challenges, particularly when considering the need to preserve the existing furniture arrangement and overall aesthetic. 

Top Tips for TV Placement

The optimal approach for viewing television is to position it at an angle that effectively mitigates the impact of sunlight glare while also ensuring that it is placed in an area with minimal foot traffic around the screen. It is advisable to explore multiple placement options before engaging in the process of locating studs and drilling into the wall. An alternative approach entails continuing to read further for valuable insights on utilizing televisions as decorative elements.

Look for the source of power.

Identify the nearest electrical outlet near the intended location for installing your television. Ensure that an adequate power supply is available to operate all electronic devices, including any additional speakers that may be in use. Moreover, consider the potential glare on the screen and the positioning of the windows.

Select an area of focus.

Placing your television precisely at the center of the room will effectively capture the attention of your guests. Consider placing additional focal points on the wall adjacent to the existing focal point, such as a mantel or an aesthetically pleasing window. This will ensure that it remains easily viewable.


Positioning the TV at eye level as a standard practice is recommended. By assuming a seated position, you can avoid the discomfort of straining your neck and eyes due to the need to look up or down at the screen constantly. An optimal height is considered within a range of up to four feet above ground level. While it is important to note that this approach may yield only successful results in some instances, it can serve as a valuable initial step.

Decide on incorporating a mantel.

According to most interior designers, it is generally advised against placing your television on the mantel. Furthermore, putting a giant black screen at an unusually elevated position is accompanied by its positioning directly in the center of the room’s most visually captivating focal point. With that being stated, there appears to be a significant number of individuals who are finding enjoyment in it, and it is currently a passing trend. For optimal placement of your television above the mantel, it is recommended to acquire a flatscreen and securely mount it onto the wall. This option is superior to placing the television on a stand adjacent to the fireplace.

Hide the television.

Consider placing your television in a closed cabinet or armoire if you prefer to keep it out of sight or if you require a convenient method of concealing it. Ensure openings at the rear or utilize a drilling tool to create suitable apertures, allowing for the unobstructed passage of cords. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure that the cabinet is designed with user-friendly features, particularly in terms of easy accessibility and smooth operation, especially if the intended users are children.

Integrate the television.

One potential strategy for integrating a television into your interior design is to affix it to a furniture item, such as a bookcase, and subsequently embellish its surroundings with books, decorative objects, and photographs. Consider enhancing the area’s visual appeal by incorporating a gallery wall featuring black-framed photos or artwork. This addition will further accentuate its prominence and aesthetic appeal.


A proper television placement will be made possible by following these tips starting with looking for the power source and area of concentration, deciding on spacing and mantel, and hiding the television in cabinets for aesthetic purposes. With all these, you can surely have a nice spot for your television. If you want a great TV, you should check out TCL’s 40 inch led tv price in india.

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