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A 3-step-approach to develop a powerful blogger outreach strategy

Blogger outreach is a very important aspect of a search engine optimization strategy. If done right, it can increase the exposure of your brand and also bring backlinks for SEO. It is generally challenging to achieve because, as a blogger, you will receive a lot of requests to review or write anything about their product, and if it doesn’t catch the eye of the blogger, your message will most likely go to trash. That’s why companies hire professional link-building services. If you are looking for effective ways to develop a blogger outreach strategy, then keep reading. Here are some tips that will help your blogger outreach just right.

Specifying you “ask”

It is very difficult for bloggers or just about anyone to heed to your request if they don’t know what you are exactly asking for and what your goals are. When considering blogger outreach, it mostly depends upon creating an image for yourself, looking for quality leads, and in turn, increasing sales for your business. Now, these goals are very vague and don’t tell exactly how you want to achieve them. You need to be more specific in what you want to achieve and how much you want to achieve. You can always take the help of top blogger outreach services to help you out.

The “ask” or any request that you will be making from the blogger will directly upon what your goal is. Let’s assume that you want to bring more traffic to your website or social media handle. You can ask influencers and other individuals relevant to your business to share your product on their social media handles. However, if you are looking to increase your ranking on Google’s search results, you may ask for a backlink from their blog post that is related to your content.

This article from gives a direct explanation of what you’ll be needing to increase blogger outreach: 5 tips for blogger outreach from a blogger.

Selecting influencers

This can play a huge factor in deciding whether your outreach strategy will work or not. If the influencer you chose isn’t relevant to your company’s audience, you will be achieving no traffic from their following whatsoever. Choosing the right influencer will be the key to a successful outreach campaign.

What you first need to do is get to know your audience. Search engine optimization strategies work a great deal to figure out what audience you should be catering to. Top link building services focus solely on building and interacting with a company’s audience as they are the driving factor of any marketing campaign. What age group is your audience? What region do they most belong to? What profession of the audience is most keen on your product? Once you get an answer to these questions, you can look for influencers that check out with your audience.

To choose your influencers, you should first create a spreadsheet with columns specifying name, email address, URL, status, and notes. You can always add more relevant information columns if needed. After creating a spreadsheet, look for influencers online. Some websites let you simply search for topic or domain addresses. You can collect the necessary details about the influencers that fill up your spreadsheet.

How to reach out in an effective way?

Assuming you have a list of influencers you are thinking of targeting, the next step is to reach out to them. As mentioned, influencers have a ton of requests for collaborations and outreach purposes. Companies tend to get lazy and use a premade template for all the influencers they are reaching out to. If you don’t even take out the time to write them an email personally, how can you expect them to collaborate with you?

Reaching out to bloggers with a friendly and adding a personal touch will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. You need to write an email that focuses on establishing a relationship between you and the individual. Make it seem as less corporate as possible. Approach them with a friendly attitude and show them that you want to make a mutually- beneficial relationship.

When writing these emails, make sure you mention clearly what you want with them and how they will benefit from it. Just remember to be straightforward, honest, and patient. If you keep pinging them about the same thing again and again, you might find yourself in their spam list. Just do a little research and write emails that make them seem like you actually know who they are.

After you have sent out the emails, you just have to wait. Always keep in mind that a reply which says no is so much better than not getting a reply at all. It means that you have failed in getting the attention of the influencer. Now, it may be that your email had faults; sometimes, your email can go unchecked due to the number of emails influencers receive on a daily basis. You can try pinging them once after 3 days or so to check if they received the mail or not. Try not to get too desperate and wait patiently for a reply.

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