A Detailed Guideline On The Gameplay of KBC

Similar to the unique collection within the United Kingdom, participants of the general public finished a qualification quiz which opened on the begin of every collection at numerous instances within the year (additionally recognized as “registration period”). Applicants might ship a SMS to a delegated number, and solution a query via way of means of responding like the KBC Head Office Number.

Fastest Finger First(FFF)

Contestants might entire a sequence of interviews earlier than being randomly decided on from a pool of different hopeful contestants and performing at the set in Fastest Finger First.

Decided on contestants are then delivered to the studio to play Fastest Finger First in which they may be requested to set up 4 solutions into the specified order withinside the shortest quantity of time. In Season 7, contestants might play 3 questions and the only who replied the maximum efficaciously withinside the shortest quantity of time gets decided on to take a seat down withinside the warm seat.

Main gameplay

After figuring out the winner of Fastest Finger First, they might be a part of the host with the “Hot Seat” to begin answering a sequence of multiple-preference questions. Bbout their manner to win the pinnacle coins prize as mentioned withinside the desk below. Along the manner, the contestant is loose to stroll far from the support with their winnings however in the event that they were given a query incorrect, they might stroll away with not anything except they efficaciously replied a milestone query (highlighted in yellow) that might assure a few winnings. All other things are easily managed, the main thing is to participate in KBC Lucky Draw.

To help them with the work, like his competitors, the candidate planned to build a life of freedom for them to use. Any life depends on the process used.

Ask the Representatives

The target audience in the studio business will type in a keypad that they believe has been converted into the appropriate query. The result of the ballot is proved to the candidate.


The PC may eliminate incorrect solutions from the game, leaving the competitor an appropriate and incorrect solution.

Phone Friend

Candidates must pre-register on the decision of the buddy or family member in their decision about which items are most beneficial to them in answering the questionnaire. In conjunction, help cheer and the candidate has 30 seconds (forty-five in Season 7) to speak out on their own. In 2017, this became a video title in place of the soundtrack. By season 10, this goal turns into a decision to choose an expert appeal.

Switch the Question

Today’s questions will be discarded and replaced with new questions. Any resources used depending on the specific questions are still used. He moved on to add to season 2, drop after season 3, and return to seasons 7 and 11. Season 2 and three he was able to make the most of after the fifth inning, when it turns out to be starting at the moment. 7. In Season 11, the new type of question will be of the contestants before judging the class by the preference of the eleven groups.

Double Dip

As reported in the U.S.A. Super Millionaire, this allows the candidate 2 abilities to answer the questions. However, speaking of these long-term actions removes the power to twist over the question. Candidate must respond twice with no service of life. (They can use different modes before the race to record Double Dip however it is not across the resolution of the program.) Within the timer, the timer will stop for just the first guess. Once that, if the first guess is incorrect, the timer resumes the search. If the candidate does not make his second bet before the cut-off date or if he is wrong, the contestant will leave the sport with a lower number, if any.

Recommendations from Experts

In Season 4, the “Consultants” position was added to the pool of practices. The designers will invite experienced persons to return to the office to assist the candidate. This process has been re-determined for the 2018 season.

Paplu power

Reported in season 7, this position allowed the candidate to use a life story that used another question. It can not be the life used on these questions.


Like its representative in the U.S.A., the producers will invite experts or celebrities back into the studio to assist the contestant. Once invoked, “Our Experts” were allowed thirty seconds to debate the question and still have the option of their own to come up with a response to return to the candidate who is most likely to complete the interview. At the end of the session, “Our Experts” instructed to prevent discussion questions, and replay the game.


Shown in 2017, brands like ‘US’ and One Life, in addition to having three Phone-Friends, the contestant can also bring a loved one or friend in to help them in answer.

Video Call Friends

Introduced in 2020, this change of Time because COVID-19 (a major disease), and a good contrast in Phone call to the Friends.

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