A Key Towards Vibrant Grounds: The Best Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Gardens have always been an excellent place for people to relax. When you feel like you need to take a break from your loud surroundings, you can step into your garden and enjoy the peace of nature and even experience the satisfaction of seeing plants grow into maturity over the seasons.

Fresh flowers can brighten up your place. The distinct colors of each plant and flowers in your garden will help lighten up the area, making your view a lot more pleasing. To help you build your vibrant grounds, here are a few of the best plants to grow in your garden.


A plant like the  cotoneaster is very hardy. These evergreen plants can usually survive to any unfavorable growing conditions, making them easy to grow, for they are trouble-free plants. These plants are relatively low maintenance, and you should water them well during their first year. On top of that, to guide you and help you learn more about growing them, you can click here.

Growing trees in your garden are usually challenging, especially if you do not have a very spacious garden because you do not want it to take over the whole area and possibly damage it. Fortunately, Cotoneasters range from shrub plants to little trees, so they are great for a small garden.


Besides its pleasing look, the Hebe plants’ cultivation and care requirements are so simple that this is why it is one of the best plants to grow in your garden. Also, just like Cotoneasters, these evergreen, long-flowering shrubs can mainly thrive in different growing conditions. They range from small shrubs to trees, where most grow around 3 feet to six feet in height.

These plants are in their most pleasing look when they are in full sun to partial shade. But, you have to be cautious not to give it too much shadow, or else they will look floppy, which will eventually stop their blooming. Their leaves may have a color of green tones, burgundy, bronze, or variegated, which is a perfect addition to achieving your vibrant grounds.


Cosmos plants are daisy-like flowers with possibly red, white, pink, lavender, or orange petals that mix well with the other plants in your garden. They are favorable for the gardeners who are just beginners since they are a low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow. Luckily, in just two months, they can already reach their maturity, and you can enjoy watching them bloom.

You have to note not to put too much in fertilizing them because it will turn out with several foliages but only a few flowers. They can endure a little shade, but they will be at their best with full sun. If your garden does not have this gem, maybe now is the time you plant them, for they offer delightful colors in return.


Begonias are typically grown as annuals or houseplants. They grow swiftly and can become the center of attention in your garden. These plants need sunlight, but direct exposure to it might end up badly for them since they will not thrive well. However, you have to recognize that there are different kinds of begonias, and the others might tolerate more sunlight.

Precise watering is one of the most important care tips to remember to keep the Begonias alive. Moist soil is favorable but make sure it is not too wet. You may also observe that they can tolerate a long time without water if they are kept cool. For the potted Begonias, they opt for slightly root-bound and must only be transferred to another pot only when necessary.

Lavender or Lavandula

Growing Lavenders are easy and fulfilling. They are commonly known as the Lavenders and are valued plants worldwide that will make a delightful addition to your vibrant garden with their shades of white, pink, purple, and lavender color. Lavenders usually reach a height of one to three feet, so it is better to plant them one to two feet apart.

They need well-drained soil to keep them flourished. Like the other plants I have mentioned earlier, lavenders are low-maintenance plants, and it is advisable to water them minimally and expose them to full sun. It also has its benefits, for it is known to have calming effects. If you have difficulty sleeping, you can try slipping a lavender oil under your pillow.


Gardening is a pleasurable and productive physical activity. You can say you are already working out while making your area neat and vibrant. The plants I have mentioned above are only a few out of the several other varieties of the best plants you can grow, so you can explore more if you want to. You can also buy artificial plants if you want to add some greenery to your home.

Whether your gardening is for aesthetic or practical purposes, the effort you exert to it is worthwhile. You can feel the satisfaction of watching your plants develop from a tiny seed into its maturity and eventually turn into these beautiful and vibrant grounds.

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