What determines the prices of Pasteurizer Machines in Kenya?

A milk pasteurizer device can remove pathogenic microorganisms that can pose a threat to our health and keep milk as fresh as possible. The milk pasteurization device is an important machine to several dairy processing industries.It contributes to fermentation in addition to sterilizing raw milk.

In this article, we will go into greater detail about the factors that affects the pasteurizer machine’s price rates in Kenya.

Are you looking for a good milk pasteurizer? We accept that the solution is particular with a high probability, which is why you’re here. The cost of milk pasteurizers may be critical and one of the most important considerations for many potential buyers, including you. Several factors influence machine prices in Kenya, as listed below:


The price of a pasteurizer is primarily determined by its capacity. The greater the capacity of production is, the higher the price. It is because it necessitates the use of additional materials such as steel and welding fuel, as well as more human resources and time to construct.

Grade of stainless steel used.

All meal preparation tools should be meal grade—stainless metallic grades can be considered. The costs vary significantly because most on-the-road producers no longer adhere to the meals-grade requirement, resulting in the use of reasonably.

Source of electricity to be used

Which energy source do you use in your machine? There should be a more significant distinction between the costs of electrical and fuel line pasteurizers. It is important to note that hybrid vehicles are also expensive.

Thickness of metal

Thicker metal will increase the machine’s sturdiness and allow it to withstand strain without bulging in. Another method that some companies use to reduce manufacturing costs is to use thin sheets.

Quality of insulation fabric used

The ability to retain heat is one of the characteristics of a high-quality pasteurizer in Kenya. It will shorten the heating time, lowering the cost of energy consumed by the pasteurizer.

Mode of heating

A pasteurizer can be heated in three ways: electric, fuel line, or steam. The costs of electricity and fuel lines are the same. However, the rate for steam is better because the steam pasteurizer requirements are better. The metal thickness should be favorable.

Your finances

Assessing the milk pasteurizer machine price in Kenya is essential. You should also assess your budget. Moreover, your price range determines how much milk pasteurizer you can afford. A small price range, on the other hand, gets you a small capability pasteurizer.

The milk delivery quantity

Before shopping for a milk pasteurizer, you should remember how much milk you get from suppliers.

The form of power used.

There are two types of power connections available. In Kenya, the type of power used determines its cost. Three-section electric-powered heating elements are typically more expensive.


These are some of the most important considerations when selecting a machine. These critical abilities ensure you purchase a product that meets your requirements.

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