A step by step guide on how to use your carpet cleaner after buying one in Kenya

Do you use a carpet cleaner to clean your carpet and the  carpet remains with damp or soapy patches and underlay becomes moldy even after drying it or you are thinking of buying one. Then read on to learn how to use your carpet cleaner step by step to get your desired results.

Buying a carpet cleaner is the first bold step you have taken to have your carpet cleaned. Then what next after buying it. Below is the guide you must follow to get your desired results.

Plan your time of cleaning

Plan to clean your carpet during the dry season and when you have much time. After cleaning, your carpet will take upto 24 hours before drying up completely.

Remove the furnitures from the sections you are cleaning

Carpet cleaner removes dirt from the upper part of the carpet. You cannot manage to clean the parts covered by the furniture without removing them. Do not move the furniture back on the carpet before it dries up for the floor spots the furniture will cover remains damp. see more : commercial cleaners Sydney


Remove all the loose dirt, fluff and pet hair that is on the carpet before you wet the carpet. This makes it easy to clean the carpet faster.

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Read the instructions on the manual thoroughly

You may opt to ignore the manual but if you don’t want to incur the high carpet cleaning machine price in Kenya you cannot afford to ignore reading it. The manual helps you to know the type and the amount of detergent to use on that particular model of the carpet cleaner and whether you should use warm or cold water.

Add the right amount of detergent and water

Some cleaner manual instructs you not to use microwave water or boiled water for the hot water may destroy your cleaner completely forcing you to incur the high carpet cleaning machine price in Kenya. You should use cold water for the blended wool or woolen carpets. Detergents can be added in the tank or on a separate compartment provided in the cleaner. If you fail to follow instructions given the carpet will remain soapy in a way that you cannot manage to clean it.

Pre-treat the soiled patches on your carpet

Pre-treat the soiled patches 5 minutes before you start cleaning the carpet. Ensure that the patches are not too wet for this will hinder them from drying thoroughly hence remain stained and mouldy.

Start cleaning the carpet

You will have to set your machine depending on the type of carpet you are cleaning, the area and the amount of soiling that is on the carpet. For the areas that have more dirt you set a high setting.start cleaning from the fur end from the door and clean in overlapping stripes as if you are mowing the lawn

Change dirt water

After the water in the tank gets dirty, change it and continue cleaning.

Rinse the carpet and leave it to dry up

After cleaning the carpet, change the water in the tank and rinse the carpet and leave it to dry up.


Cleaning a carpet is very simple, follow the steps to get your desired results. For more information,

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