Which are the Best Months for Safe, Smooth & Cost-effective House Shifting?

The Hindu Calendar has high significance in India and is the go-to planner whenever someone needs to fix a date for an important event in their life.

One such significant stepping stone in everyone’s life is moving into a New House, irrespective of whether it’s your own home or a rented one.

Generally, before finalizing the date for house shifting, most people almost always check the Hindu Calendar to find the most favorable Muhurat, i.e., best month, date, and time to ensure a good start to the move.

The traditional belief that starting new work on an auspicious day will always yield good results has been strongly imprinted in every Indian’s mind. We often overlook some practical options and calculations because of this, resulting in time & monetary losses due to bad planning.

You must check the demand of packers and movers in Hyderabad & their charges for relocation services before booking their services. If you end up hiring movers at the last minute or when they are fully booked (e.g., on weekends & month-ends), they may charge very high costs to take up & carry out your shifting requirements as they may need to spend time for your move along with the other bookings.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to plan your move well in advance & identify the right day to relocate to your new home, not only as per the Muhurat but also according to the packers movers availability. Also, start looking for packing moving companies well in advance & confirm their booking at least 10-15 days before your move (especially if you’re planning for long-distance relocation).

Also, keep in mind that no matter which month you plan to move in, the scheduled date/day/week will make a significant difference in your total moving expenses.

Check out our well-researched list of best months & not-so-good months for shifting homes according to the Hindu calendar and packers movers availability. Follow the below-mentioned tips & tricks to plan and finalize a suitable shifting date to enjoy a safe, stress-free, and smooth moving experience.

Auspicious & Inauspicious Months for Shifting Homes


As per Hindu Calendar, Magha (January – February), Phalguna (February – March), Vaishakha (April – May), & Jyeshta (May – June) are considered auspicious months for entering a new home. 

Similarly, there are a few months in the Hindu Calendar that are considered inauspicious; Ashada (June – July), Sawan (July – August), Bhadrapada (August – September), Ashwini (September – October), & Paush (December to Mid January).

Best Months for Shifting House 

February, March, June, July, August, September

These months are preferred for home shifting as they do not have many holidays and moving companies will be more easily available. 

As most people may not plan to shift during these months, this becomes an added benefit for you. The relocation demand would be less in these months and it can be much easier to find reliable relocation firms. 

You need not worry about having enough time to rearrange things in your new home; our experienced packers and movers in Chennai offer end-to-end home shifting services; thus, they will take care of everything from packing goods at origin to unpacking and arranging them at destination.

Benefits of Moving in These Months

  • Less shifting demand makes it easy to hire trustworthy packers.
  • Low chances of getting scammed by bogus movers.
  • Prices are affordable and negotiable.

Which Time of the Month is Most Ideal for Cost-Effective Shifting?

The ideal time to shift at minimal cost is during Weekdays & Mid-month

It will be easier to find trusted home shifting firms who take complete responsibility for your move & ensure your goods are delivered safely on time to your doorstep. They also provide smooth & stress-free shifting services at affordable rates; you can negotiate with them to get best deals at lower prices.

Bonus Tip: Start moving early, around 7:00 AM; you can avoid peak-hour traffic & be less stressed-out during relocation.

Not-so-good Months for Home Relocation

January, April, May, October, November, December

These months are not preferable for moving as these months have lot of long holidays, as it’s a vacation and festive season. Most of us plan to shift during holidays, thinking that they will have enough time to relocate and rearrange things at your new place, but we often forget the availability of trusted movers. It becomes challenging to find professional movers at affordable cost in these months as the holiday season is the busiest for packers & movers. 

Disadvantages of Shifting in These Months: 

  • Hectic time for movers because of high shifting demands.
  • High chances of getting scammed by fake moving companies.
  • Prices will be sky-high.

Additional Tip: If you still prefer shifting in these months, then make sure you avoid planning the move on weekends or month-ends, as shifting demands will be very high during these days. To hire trusted movers on this hectic time; book affordable relocation professionals from


For someone who is religious & follows things as per the Hindu Calendar, certain months like February, March, and June (i.e., Magha, Phalguna, Jyeshtha) are non-holiday months, making it a perfect time for home shifting as they are auspicious as well as pocket-friendly.

Whether you are planning to shift during holiday season or in non-holiday months, it’s always best to plan your move on any weekday that falls in the middle of the month (i.e., 5th to 25th), to have safe and smooth relocation at reasonable costs.

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