Advcash Withdrawal


In recent years, with the evolution in the sphere of technology, currently the global community is facing new types of currencies like crypto. In this regard, users around the world are requiring the new types of services that will be able to cover and provide users with the modern services. Surely, today there are so many online platforms that are providing users with different financial and banking services especially in the case of cryptocurrencies. However, in this short article, we want to write about Advcash, as one of the successful online platforms that is available around the world.

Advcash Services

As mentioned above, with the daily update in the world, the online platforms like Advcash started to provide users with the new types of services. In this regard, Advcash is offering users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as easily as possible in the secure virtual atmosphere. Shortly to say, Advcash is not a problem, it is a solution for so many needs of users around the world. With this online platform, users will be able to manage financial activities totally in online format, receive and transfer funds, have access to prepaid cards and easily make a withdrawal and deposit with the easy to use option of the Advcash platform. Briefly to mention, there are several reasons that made Advcash worthy to be chosen by users. Firstly it is easy to process with this platform; there are so many options like electronic currency, bank cards and transfers, cash, online banking and so many others that are available for users to make a deposit on their Advcash account. Also with a single account users will be able to use it in the multiple currency format.

Advcash Withdrawal & Fees

As mentioned before, Advcash is offering users many different financial services especially in regard to crypto. However there are some available fees for users in the process of using this service that are better to know about now. As said above, with a prepaid card of Advcash, users will be able to withdraw their funds and use it in cash format. However in this case, for transferring to Adv users there are no fees but if users use the SEPA transfer, there 0.5% + 5 Euro commission. The local bank transfers will cover many currencies and the fees are from 0.5%. In the regard of Mastercards, if it is issued outside of the EU, 3% ( Min 5 USD) and if it is Visa/MAC cards in Russia, there are 3% (Min 50 RUB) commissions waiting for users. Should be noted that in case of Cryptocurrencies, the fees are internal via the exchange rates.


Definitely, in today’s improvements and changes in the global community, online platforms like Advcash, can be counted as a good solution for most of the financial needs of the users around the world. This platform with its services and low fees, especially in the withdrawal process, made life easier for many people around the world.

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