All you need to know about the Chafing Dishes in Nairobi 

Chafing dishes are stoves that heat food using chafing fuel, though they are presumed indirect. They have different equipment that heats food. The extensive shallow pan with water is first heated, and then they heat food in the fitted above it.

This article will major in some of the benefits of owning chafing dishes in Nairobi and the different types of dishes in the marketplace.

Are you thinking of venturing into the chafing dishes business? This article is committed to simplifying the ideal and legitimate chafing dishes you can purchase in Nairobi and around the globe.

Suppose you want to purchase quality and ultramodern chafing dishes. In that case, you’ll first have to consider the different market types and classifications, which depend on application, shape, and power.

The following are some of the classifications according to the application;

  • Standard

Before purchasing a chafing dish, you should first consider its standard of heating food. Standard chafing dishes prices in Nairobi are favorable to any potential customer who wants to purchase one. The dishes are manufactured in different sizes and shapes for maintaining and preserving food heat. Their designs range and vary depending on the brand. Basic and upscale designs are the standard designs available in the marketplace.

Different brands manufacture chafing dishes lids that either lift off or retract. Handles fitted by buffets offer a premium construction advantage and are simple to hold and handle when serving guests.

  • Source of power

There are three ways of heating a chaffer: heat it with fuel, induction, or electricity. These different heating methods have distinct advantages and are designed to work perfectly in specific situations.

There are various types of chafing dishes depending on the source of power:

  1. Induction power-based chafers

They are designed to be used explicitly with either cookers or warmers. During induction cooking, the only part of the dish that receives heat is the chafer only. It is considered the best in heat distribution compared to other chafing dishes. They’re spots while heating is neither cold nor hot. This has an added advantage since you can hold a specific temperature level for an extended period.

  1. Electric chafers

They are primarily ideal for outdoor operations. It is presumed simpler to operate than chafing fuel during bad weather days. You are advised to place your electric chafer always while in use near an electrical outlet.

  1. Fuel chafers

They heat water using a fuel can while in the chafer dish. They have an added advantage since one controls the amount of power one wants to use.

  • Shape

The shape of chafing dishes varies, but there are two popular ones, two main, round and rectangular-shaped dishes. Round-shaped chafing dishes primarily serve sauces and slide dishes. Main courses can be done best in rectangular chef dishes.

  • Size

The chef dishes you want to purchase should match the dimensional spaces you use. You should also ensure that the food pan fits your purchasing fits appropriately. Most hotel pans for storing food can be accommodated well in chafing.


This article has provided the different types and quality chafing dishes in the marketplace. You can differentiate between quality and less standardized chafing dishes with this information.








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