All You need to understand about Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine allows printing your unique design on goods such as huts, t-shirts, and mugs. Heat presses are advanced since they produce the same heat over the working surface. They have timers which make it automatic in functioning.

For all questions you had about heat presses, this article will be of great help.

Heat press machines are so important in making products of your choice. If you require to specify your brand, a heat press is a machine to acquire. You design your brand logo, configure it in a heat press machine and produce the same object on the product.

Initially, it was hard to own a heat press machine. You could find the machines only in big companies which produced large-scale products. Today, you can use a heat press machine just in your house! If you own a small-scale business, this is your product of choice.

Types of Heat Press Machines

While heat press machines are almost similar in size and shape, they differ in feature and design. You have to consider many factors before you acquire. The most common heat press machines are the draw, swing away, clamshell, portable, and sublimation.


For a draw heat press machine, its platen at the base ejects and enables you to lay the garment. The draw press machine allows you to swiftly re-position the graphics with the garment before the printing process begins. This machine has a large working area.

Swing away

The swing away heat press machine enables the top to swing away from the base to allow positioning of the object. The swing-away machine works best with thicker items like mugs and huts.


A clamshell heat press machine is easy to handle and takes a smaller working area. The Clamshell machine has a hinge on its upper and lower ends that closes like a clam. A clamshell machine prints thin objects like t-shirts, clothes, and small surfaces.


The portable heat press machines are light and easily carried. They are used to print simple marks on the items.


Sublimation heat press machines print high-quality designs to objects. They are more complex to use and use technical experience. Graphics resulting from this machine are durable and highly qualitative.

Benefits of Heat Press Machines

Heat press machine price Kenya favors all types of small and large businesses. The capital required is flexible depending on your preference.

The machines are durable and hence can serve the business for a long. You can get profits for a long time.

Press machines are easy to operate and do not require highly complicated skills.


The prices of Heat press machines depend on their quality and type. In Kenya, there are all kinds of heat press machines with different price rates.


Heat press machines make your business or personal work flourish. The designs produced are unique. Those who have used these machines have testified to their efficiency. There is no need to hesitate. Check t shirt printing machine price in Kenya.

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