Are Polarized Sunglasses Better?

Many considerations may factor into a decision to get sunglasses with polarized lenses or other types of tints. Whether you are shopping for mens polarized sunglasses or polarized sunglasses for women, eyewear with polarized lenses cuts down on glare more than other lenses.

How Polarized Lenses Protect You From the Sun

Sunglasses that have polarized lenses protect wearers’ eyes from ultraviolet light and reduce glare. Glare is a term used to describe light that glints off of surfaces when reflected horizontally. The lenses of polarized sunglasses have a chemical filter that blocks light traveling in this direction, similar to window blinds.

Glare can be an annoyance under casual circumstances. When you are out on the open water or engaging in high-intensity activities, sunlight that gets reflected horizontally has the potential to cause eye fatigue, strain or even temporary sun blindness. Polarized sunglasses eliminate all of these risks. Look for sunglasses that have polarized lenses and provide 100% UV light protection.

How Polarized Lenses Reduce Eye Strain

Glare is one of the most tiring effects of sun exposure. Bright light makes people squint and limits their ability to see clearly. Polarized lenses reduce the likelihood that any very bright light will directly strike your eyes. Polarized glasses can reduce the extent of eye fatigue and strain during time spent in highly reflective environment.,

Polarized lenses are also helpful for increasing contrast and color perception. These subtle boosts to visual acuity can also add up over time to minimize eye strain for wearers of polarized sunglasses. Any type of sunglasses that shield eyes from UV exposure can also be effective for preventing physical damage to the eye caused by sun damage that runs the risk of leading to vision problems down the road.

How To Choose Sunglasses Lenses

Some brands specialize in making polarized sunglasses. Other sunglasses are available with a choice of standard, mirrored or polarized lens treatments. Mirrored lenses also reduce glare, but the external surface of these lenses is made with a thin metal material that reflects light and resembles a mirror. It is also possible to get sunglasses that have polarized mirror lenses.

In addition to the type of lenses you choose, you may also have a choice of lens tints. The tint you choose will impact the accuracy of your color perception, contrast and overall visual acuity. Some of the most popular colors of polarized lenses are black smoke, blue, brown, gold, green and silver mirror. Grey, blue and green lenses preserve the most color accuracy, while brown and gold lenses primarily heighten contrast.

If you want to reduce glare by getting a pair of sunglasses ideal to wear on reflective surfaces such as open water, snow or the road, look for eyewear that has polarized lenses. This lens treatment may present minor challenges, such as requiring that you tilt your phone 90 degrees to read the backlit screen while wearing sunglasses. The benefits of eyewear with polarized lenses are impossible to deny, particularly if you plan to wear sunglasses in bright and highly reflective environments.

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