Aspects you need to know about the Pedestrian roller

This product is one of the types of road rollers operated by walking with it. It is used for creating pedestrian footpaths. It is usually tiny. It is used in road repair and at the sites for construction.

It is pushed by technicians to compact ground parts and tarmac layers as they are laid. They ensure the ground is well packed to provide a solid road foundation.

Types of pedestrian rollers

There are different kinds of pedestrian rollers found in the market. They are grouped according to various factors.

The factors include;

  1. Mode of operation

Here rollers are categorized into;

  1. a) Oscillatory
  • They are gentle and highly effective
  • They require less force
  • They deliver the horizontal and the vertical force to manipulate the aggregate into position
  1. b) Vibratory

They use vibrating force to achieve high compaction levels.

  1. Single drum and double drum rollers
  • Double drum rollers have two rollers, while the single drum rollers have one drum.
  • The buyer’s choice depends on their needs.
  • Double drum rollers enable the user to compact more because they can achieve double compaction.
  • Single drum rollers require one to pass over the area more than once.

How to choose the right pedestrian roller

After determining the type of pedestrian roller, you must look for specific features.

  • Pedestrian roller price in Kenya depends on the needs of the buyer.
  • You need to check the engine’s capacity and power to know the performance you expect from each roller.
  • You also need to consider the type of soil required to compact and the project size.
  • For instance, massive projects require a roller that has a wheel to enhance easy forward and reverse for quick passes.
  • The type of soil to be compacted determines the speed at which one will move the roller.
  • Both sand and gravel require one to move at a higher speed.
  • Clay and ricks me move at a slower speed.
  • A buyer is advised to purchase a roller that allows speed adjustment.

Procedure of starting

  1. Turn the ignition switch on
  2. Turn on the fuels types
  3. Move the throttle levers to half throttle
  4. Ensure that the forward and reverse levers are in the neutral position
  5. Cold start
  6. Pull the start cord until a slight resistance is felt
  7. Give sharp pulls to start the engine
  8. When the engine starts releasing the choke
  9. Re-pull start when required
  10. Move the throttle lever to the idle position
  11. Allow the engine to warm up

Some factors to observe when operating

  • Put both hands in control
  • Move the throttle lever to the desired speed
  • Lift the control handle to balance the roller on its drum
  • At the end of compaction, move either the forward or the reverse lever in the opposite direction to stop.
  • What to do to stop
  • Idle the engine
  • Turn off the ignition switch
  • Turn off the fuel tap
  • Park the machine in a safe place
  • Lower the boom and implements to the ground
  • Before switching the engine off, allow the engine to idle


Above are some factors you need to know about the pedestrian rollers. The information will act as a reference when planning to purchase the product. Check also plate compactor for sale in kenya.

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