Top 5 Removable Batteries For Electric Bicycles

Electric bikes come with different types of batteries. They may differ in chemical composition, size, shape, capacitance and operating voltage, design features, installation location. Some batteries have a non-removable design – permanently attached to the bike or built into its frame.

But more practical and convenient to use are removable batteries for electric bikes. They have a quick-release fastening mechanism, securely attached and easily removed for further charging. With this mounting method, you can leave the bike in a garage or other place, and take the battery with you and charge it indoors.

This approach is convenient and allows for controlled charging of the battery at the optimum temperature. Therefore, most e-bike batteries have a removable design. They are put in rigid case that is made up of impact-resistant aluminum or plastic. Less commonly, lithium batteries are attached to the frame or handlebars of a bicycle using a nylon bag.

Pros And Cons Of Removable Batteries


  • Easy to install – just attach the mounting plate to the frame or install the rack under the battery.
  • Ease of attaching and removing the battery – one movement of the key, and the battery is in place!
  • It is easy to take the battery with you to protect it from theft or charge it indoors.
  • Different shapes and types of models are available for installation.


  • Open position of the battery – it remains in sight, and does not hide in the internal voids of the frame, as with some production e-bikes. Some people consider this a disadvantage.
  • When installing the battery at the rear, the trunk is occupied and the center of gravity is raised, which can affect handling.

Types Of Removable Batteries For E-bikes

Removable lithium-ion 36V to 48 volt battery for e-bikes are available in different designs. Most often they provide for mounting in a frame triangle or on the trunk. The most common batteries in cases of such forms:  

  1. Hailong is an oblong plastic box that can hold ≈ 65 18650 batteries. It allows you to assemble sufficiently capacious batteries in a relatively small volume – 17.5–26 Ah at a voltage of 36 V. Mounted on a mounting plate fixed in the frame triangle. Securely fixed in the case with a key and lock.
  2. Hailong 1, Hailong 2 are slightly modified versions of the Hailong box. They have a more elongated shape. Able to accommodate batteries up to 11 or 13 Ah at 48 V operating voltage.
  3. Prismatic aluminum housing for rack mounting. Such batteries have a plate for mounting on the trunk and a laconic metal case. The device is securely fixed to the plate with a pin from the key. The capacity of such batteries is different – from 10 to 17 Ah at a nominal voltage of 48 V.
  4. SilverFish is an elongated version of the prismatic aluminum case. Also attached to the trunk with a mounting plate, lock and key. Usually holds Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 12-17 Ah.
  5. Bottle (flask, bottle) – a plastic or aluminum case with fastening in place of the bottle holder in the triangle of the frame. With standard dimensions, it can accommodate batteries with a capacity of 8-11 Ah at a voltage of 48 V.

Which Option To Choose?

When configuring a removable battery for an e- bike, consider the location of the battery and the required capacity. Models installed in the triangle of the frame provide optimal weight distribution without shifting the center of gravity. If mounting on the frame is difficult, you can buy a battery for the trunk. Such models are well combined with the front wheel motor because they balance it and allow you to even out the weight load.

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