Battletoads review. You can’t judge by the cover

However, you do not understand this at once. The classic parts of the series are remembered not only for their sadistic complexity, but also for the incredible variety of mechanics.


Typically, the challenge curve goes up and up – the gamer gradually improves his skills, learning from mistakes, and the game in response slowly heats up the degree of passion. With Battletoads, this rule hardly worked. Each new level could change the gameplay beyond recognition. We were just giving cuffs to fierce bulls, when suddenly we were forced to balance on the edge of the abyss, trying to get used to the changed control and the rules of the game. Not to mention other segments, where even trial and error was not enough – a lightning-fast reaction was also required.

The reboot ignores the established traditions and resembles rather F95zone Arcade , which the average Russian player could only learn about with the help of emulators until 2015, when Rare Replay was released . Therefore, instead of a series of surprises, at first they start to stuff us with monotonous battles in a typical bitemap manner. The feeling of what is happening is very similar to the recent Streets of Rage 4 : enemies attack in droves, not hesitating to go behind their backs, and the key to success lies in the competent use of juggles.

Obviously, playing Battletoads is much easier and more fun with friends, but there are practically no thoughts of cheating on the part of bots even with a single playthrough. Unlike most of the characters in the fourth Streets of Rage , Battle Toads can run and tumble in all directions. When you need to pacify the ardor of enemies using ranged attacks, the heroes’ ability to pull opponents with their tongue or stun them with gum will come to the rescue.

At first, you experience a wild delight from driving battles, forcing you to constantly be in motion and think in a matter of seconds. But after about an hour and a half, the case begins to smell like frank copy-paste. Despite the change in the setting and enemies, almost all battles are built according to the same scenario: there are several shooters, several armored opponents and a little small fry. The first are stunned with a well-aimed spit, the block of the second is broken through with a powerful attack, and the third are destroyed with ordinary blows.

The developers tried to diversify the levels with traps, but they came up with only one. And, of course, they did not deny themselves the pleasure of sending it to circulation. At the same time, the transition from one segment to another is often accompanied by a puzzle that has set the teeth on edge since the days of Huniepop 2 puzzles, where you need to correctly connect the wires in order to let current through them and open the door. Or no less primitive and long-hated arcade in the spirit of Impossible Game . To crown all this “magnificence” are mini-games of the level of mobile clickers, which, apparently, are designed to give a break. In reality, however, they simply slow down the overall dynamics. The desire of the authors to bring the duration of Battletoads  to seven hours, taking into account the replay of individual segments, is commendable, but it would be worthwhile to know when to stop and stop in time.

But as soon as the player begins to feel that something was wrong, Battletoads  suddenly changes beyond recognition. After the completion of the first third, the creative tandem of Dlala Studios and Rare  finally begins to fantasize, experiment and amaze. Here, dynamic and varied boss battles, races, post-shooting in space and even a “pacifist” level with platforming, where you do not need to kill anyone, but only to avoid obstacles, begin to appear. A logical question arises – why was it impossible to juggle mechanics from the very beginning? On the other hand, better late than never. And those who sincerely hoped to get a worthy heir to the old traditions will surely burn with joy.


Around this time, the plot begins to gain weight. Yes, it may seem strange, but the scenario in the new Battletoads has been given a lot of attention. And not in terms of semantic load, but in terms of humor. Each Boku no Pico video, of which there will be typed on a full-length cartoon, you expect with anticipation. Not even a minute has time to pass, and someone will take and soak off another joke. That is why you get used to the unusual visual series for the series – it goes well with adolescent humor, over which sometimes it would not be a sin to laugh at the “old men”.

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