Best DTH plans for you under Rs 2000!

A good DTH plan has the power to bring the entire family together. After all, a well-thought out DTH connection for your TV can cater to everyone in the family. You can watch prime time news channels, cartoon shows, blockbuster movies, serials, and so much more.

Television has upgraded by leaps and bounds over the years. In addition, the content that we get on our television channels has also upgraded over time. We now have access to international, national, and even local channels all putting out their very best content, to grab our attention.

With plenty of high quality tv shows on display, it is natural to look for some amazing DTH offers. However, there are a large number of players currently in the Indian market, which makes selecting the best DTH offers difficult.

On top of that, the DTH box price and DTH offers together often end up being a bit heavy on the pocket. But, you need not worry. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best DTH offers, right under ₹2000! Check them out.

Airtel HD set top box

The Airtel HD set top box is one of the best in the class when it comes to DTH connections. This DTH box offers a broad range of features, such as Dolby Digital Sound, premium video quality, large selection of channels and more. All these features come together to provide you a satisfying HD television experience.

It is even equipped with a record and play feature. It lets you record your favourite channel when you are busy, so that you can play it later at a more convenient time. How incredible is that! The DTH box price for the HD set top box is ₹1,850.


TATA Sky has now rebranded itself as TATA Play and offers its very own set top box at ₹1,899. Slightly more expensive than Airtel, it has the same HD features, access to broad set of channels and Dolby Sound. If you are willing to ignore the higher price when compared to Airtel, its DTH offers are quite good as well.

Airtel Xstream set top box

The Airtel Xstream set top box is amongst the very best DTH connections that you can get in India. And there are a lot of reasons that justify this statement. It is a device that turns your normal TV into a smart TV. Powered by Google’s Android software experience, you get to immerse yourself in the world of smart TVs now.

As a result, you get smart TV features like voice control, access to Google Play Store apps, 4K quality channels, built-in Chromecast and more. Airtel Xstream DTH offers also include free subscription to a large number of OTT platforms. The DTH box price for this is just ₹2,000 and honestly, we think it is a steal deal.


This set top box is a product from Dish TV. It has multiple benefits such as stereophonic sound system, access to a variety of channels, HD picture quality, etc. The DTH box price for this DTH system is ₹1,709. However, you should remember that this quoted price is without the applicable taxes on the same device. Should you choose to get this, the actual price will be slightly upwards.

These are only a handful of the vast number of set top boxes available in the market. You can conduct your own research if you wish to know more about these plans and the added benefits that come alongside these products.

As you can see, if you make the correct choice, you can get a good DTH deal for yourself, right under ₹2,000.

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