Best Mobile Movie Apps for Film Fans

App Development innovations have created Mobile Movie Apps that allow movie fans to obtain in-depth information about the movies they love and go beyond traditional rankings and trailers. 

Before selecting or considering a movie to watch, users can obtain all the required information about a movie from a Mobile Movie App. This makes selecting and watching movies much more entertaining and fun.

Below we feature the Best Mobile Movie Apps for Film Buffs to help your motion picture experience be more enjoyable and worth it.


With the Letterboxd Mobile Movie App, users can enhance their movie experience by checking out what’s hot and what’s not with access to member ratings, exclusive trailers and more. 

Letterboxd Mobile Movie App users can also filter and search movie information on the cast and crew, the type of genre and overall reviews as well. Users can also browse member generated lists and post comments as well. 

CLZ MoviesMobile Movie App 

If you still have and are passionate about your old Blu-Ray or prized DVD collection, The CLZ Movies Mobile App helps users to catalogue their memories by simply scanning a barcode with your smartphone camera. Then, it becomes the best Blu-ray player app on your mobile phone.

Users of this App can access the best of content from IMDb, the leading film authority with all the information about ratings, actors, directors and the production cast and crew as well.

Users can also download details about the story, related images, trailers and more. Users can furthermore sort their precious film collections by various filters such as director, type of film or year and in addition, sort their movie lists by the date it was released, the title or even IMDb rating as well.

The CLZ Premium Cloud based service allows users to both view and share their movie collection easily and rest well knowing there is an online cloud backup of your movie collection always. 

IMDb – The Ultimate Mobile Movie App

IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative web source for all things movie, television, and celebrity related.

The IMDb Mobile Movie App connects users to all information regarding to films, television and entertainment programs with a cast and crew database that exceeds eight million entries!

Using the IMDb Mobile Movie App, users can review films they have seen, keep a track of what you have seen via the Watchlist and of course view trailers and buy cinema tickets as well. 

The IMDb App also takes you behind the scenes with exclusive content, movie star interviews, entertainment events, news, awards and much more.

the IMDb Mobile Movie App also provides personalized recommendations for shows and movies and makes it easy to share your favourites with friends and family. 

Movie Mate Mobile App

If you are looking for a quick opinion about a movie, the Movie Mate Mobile Movie App Developer makes it easy to obtain movie ratings from reliable sources such as IMDb, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.

Using the Movie Mate Mobile Movie App, users can get info on the latest releases, read movie reviews, find out what’s next to be released and even create customs lists as well.

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With advancements in Android App Development, Mobile Movie Apps help movie fans to stay in the know with all things movies, from articles on award contenders to video exclusives. Make movie watching even easier, fun and interesting with Mobile Movie Apps for a new movie discovery experience.

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