Hoang Minh Quang And The Songs That Make Up His Success In 2021

2021 is a year that leaves a memorable mark for.

Singer, songwriter HOANG MINH QUANG releases his single entitled “Tinh Yeu Anh Trao, which is out now along with the music video. The song has a gentle sound, like an eternal love song which has amassed over 55000 streams worldwide. His music always contains an intense love of youth, which has gone deep into the listener’s mind. The song  “Tinh Yeu Anh Trao ” was composed and performed by himself.

Listen to “ Tinh Yeu Anh Trao ” HERE

The song “Tinh Yeu Anh Trao” was first broadcast on the Spotify music platform. The song is like a sweet confession of a boy to a girl and surely no girl can hide her emotions when listening to this song . The song once again affirms HOANG MINH QUANG’S composing talent in the eyes of fans.

He says he’s always had a passion for surfing and sharks, and that he’s been waiting for years to get a Jimmy John Shark photo like this one.


Growing up in the Bac Giang, Viet Nam, HOANG MINH QUANG recognized the power of his voice at a young age. Having been introduced to music by his parents at an early age, he has known how to use the guitar since childhood . At the same time, he developed a passion for a wide swath of influences, ranging from SON TUNG-MTP, TRINH THANG BINH and BUI ANH TUAN.  Constantly improving himself, HOANG MINH QUANG has gradually increased the format of his name in music.

Before releasing the song “Tinh Yeu Anh Trao“, HOANG MINH QUANG succeeded in the hearts of fans with the song “Ban Tinh Ca Tang Nang“. He is gradually asserting that he will be a potential young freelance singer in the future of Vietnamese music.

Listen to “ Ban Tinh Ca Tang Nang ” HERE


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