Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which one will you choose?

With the advanced technology and evolution, Bitcoin has garnered a lot of attention and has gained momentum like never before. tips to trade Bitcoin is a form of currency that is operated virtually and is treated as money that is performed without any influence from any person, group, or organization, therefore, omitting the requirement for an additional third party into the cross webs of the transactions. It is an age when cryptocurrency is an investment everyone is willing to make. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum is a platform. Ether is the cryptocurrency, and both Bitcoin and Ether are independent of any influence from the centralauthorities and make use of a distributed ledger called Blockchain.


Bitcoin was first founded in 2009 by Nakamoto, who propounded this online currency which was very different from the usual type of currency, yet, it was free from the influence of the government authorities and intrusions. Bitcoin was probably the first kind of cryptocurrency that made its mark in the niche market and could co-exist with the prevailing financial system, which was well recognized and acknowledged. Bitcoin has gained a massive strength of investors in the past decade, giving this period the credibility of being a Bitcoin Era.


Ethereum is primarily the only name you hear in the cryptocurrency market, but it is widely celebrated in the trading platform that deals with Ether. It is by far the largest platform that came into being in 2015. Ethereum is a compact platform with a programming language that runs on its blockchains. Ethereum is an application that runs on its personalized cryptographic token, known as Ether. Ether is used as a digital currency just like Bitcoin and is traded throughout the online trading platforms. Ether is the fuel of Ethereum that is used to build up several applications to run the platform. However, although Ether may have made its mark in the niche market to some extent, Bitcoin has still owned the market ever since. The market owned by Bitcoin is panoramic, and there is no possible chance for Ether to capture that market base anytime soon. However, if Bitcoin is considered the Gold of the cryptocurrency market, Ether is regarded as the market’s Silver. Thus, both are well settled in their positions on the trading platform.

Key Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are very much similar yet different at the same time. Bitcoin is a digital token, whereas Ethereum is an application that deals with digital currencies and blockchain technology.

  • Gold and Silver of the cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin is considered the Gold of the cryptocurrency market because it is the first cryptocurrency ever. It also holds the most significant market capital of more than a trillion dollars. Although Ether is equally valuable as Silver, it has the second-highest market value. Ethereum happens to have the second-largest market capital after Bitcoin and holds the second-highest preference after Bitcoin.

  • Market share of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization of a trillion dollars as of 2021. It almost occupied 48 percent of the market alone without considering any other digital form of currencies. However, Ether has acquired a market capital of half a billion dollars and roughly received a market share of 23.4 percent.

  • Networks

Importantly, the networks of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are pretty different from each other. Bitcoin was created to substitute the intra-country transaction and create a store value and therefore was designed to be a medium exchange. At the same time, Ethereum was created to act only as a platform that helped digital currency transactions. Ethereum usually serves as a facilitator that allows one to develop programmatic contracts with the help of its tokens that acts as its Akses kunci pribadi Ethereum.

  • PoW and PoS

Bitcoin and Ethereum both used to avail the Proof of work system beforehand. However, later on in 2022, Ethereum moved to the Proof of Stake system in the hopes that it would make Ethereum more accessible, secure, and sustainable. With the change of the system, Ethereum also hoped for a more scalable business. Although, that is yet to be discovered as the change has been relatively new, and any review of the same would be considered premature.

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