Buying a Quality Electric Water Pump – 2021 Guide

The following article looks at things a person should consider before buying an electric water pump in Kenya. The report begins with an overview look at the water pump and some of its uses. Afterwards, it discusses each factor that should be put into consideration before buying the pump.

An electric water pump is a hydraulic machine whose purpose is increasing the overall kinetic energy of water. Currently, water pumps are used almost everywhere as they aid in the movement of both cold and hot water in compact systems. The most likely areas to find water pumps are schools, hospitals, commercial outlets and households.

The electric pumps can be used in below-ground and indoor applications, however, most electric pumps are manufactured for home use. An individual can plug a 120V electric pump into a household outlet, but 240V need electrical wiring for enough power. Submersible, electric well and specialty water pumps are the most common pumps found in homes.

Flow rate

The flow rate shows the effectiveness of a pump. It is a measure of the amount of time used by an electric pump to move a certain volume of water and is given in liters per minute. The right flow rate depends on the use of the pump. For home use, a rate of 100-200 liters of water per minute is recommended. If the pump is for farm or job site use, the rate should be above 2500 liters per minute.

Maximum head

Maximum head of an electric water pump is the greatest height a pump is able to move the water. If a pump whose maximum head is seventy meters tries to pump water to greater heights than that, its flow rate will drop to zero. The electric water pump prices in Kenya vary depending on the maximum head. While buying a pump, always pick a pump with a greater maximum head than the distance to pumped.

Size of inlet

The inlet size determines the volume of water a pump can pump out. More water is pumped out as the inlet size increases. Majority of electric water pumps have inlets of one to six inches. There are some pumps with bigger sizes and pump more water. Centrifugal pumps work in the same manner, that is by sucking in the water through inlets and letting it out through outlet valves.

Water type

The water type is very important as different pumps are made to pump different kinds of water. The water pump prices in Kenya are affected by the kind of water that is meant to be pumped. The price of a chemical pump is not same as that of a trash pump. Buyers should consider the water type to ensure pump efficiency and increase the pump’s life.

Quality of pump

The quality of an electric water pump mainly depends on the brand. The motor of the machine can also offer insightful information on the quality of the pump. Buyers are advised to conduct research and find out the best brand in the market.


There are a number of factors every buyer should consider before purchasing an electric water pump. Proper consideration of these factors ensures that the buyers acquire quality water pumps that last long. Pumps should also be bought from trusted brands. For more information, visit

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