Can Hair Transplantation Give You Permanent Healthy Hairs?

Nowadays, it is now possible to achieve natural-looking outcomes. It reduces the unrealistic doll-like hair seen in the 70s and 80s by patients. Hair plugs, or chunks of hair, were used in the decreasing state, especially then. The hair plugs become more obvious with time.

Natural-looking outcomes can also be achieved by improving the hairline and inserting the hairs in the decreasing areas.

A new lesser known hair loss solution is called Scalp Micropigmentation. This non surgical procedure gives can add density or give the appearance of shaven head look. Hairline Ink has partner locations all over the United States.

Because of these advancements, the results can appear so natural that a barber or stylist will have no idea you’ve had work done. Various surgeons now only transplant a few normal Skyclinic hairs at a time.

Who is a Good Hair Transplant Candidate?

Hairline Receding in a Man

Are you a man in his 20 who is losing his hair? You may be suggested to delay a hair transplant to begin treatment with a hair loss drug.

Hair transplants are recommended for both men and women of all races.

Two things need to be examined for a Skyclinic hair transplant:

  • Sufficient healthy hairs on your head that can be transferred to the area that needs hair
  • The ability to develop hair on the decreasing part of your scalp 

You can discover out if you have both at an appointment with dermatologists. A dermatologist will examine your scalp thoroughly.

A blood test may need to determine the cause of your hair loss. This can help you figure out what’s going on in your body and what’s causing your hair loss. A scalp biopsy may be required for just some patients. During the appointment, your dermatologists can quickly and conveniently collect the information required for the scalp biopsy.

Suppose your dermatologist determines that you are an excellent option for a hair transplant after the examination and tests. Although a full hairstyle is unattainable, a larger long hair can be the aim.

Is it True that Hair Transplants are a Long-Term Solution?

However, if you choose skilled surgeons and implanted hairs from the base of the scalp, which are naturally very resistant, hair transplants are considered standard. Hairline designs and hair transplants should be planned with the present and future in mind.

Hair loss is a constant condition. Even though the transplantation is permanent, all items in the body age. Like the back of your scalp and natural hair. However, the transferred hair becomes finer and greyer over time.

This hair is ideal for everyone looking for a long-term hair restoration option. However, because the person appears to have lost hair in the surroundings following surgery, this can be difficult.  However, when a Skyclinic hair transplant is performed early, the transplanted hair remains in place as the nearby hair is falling out, leaving spots and a bare scalp.

Final Verdict:

Although this advancement gives patients smooth results, however, the success is extremely dependent on the surgeon you select. Choose to use a doctor that is familiar with the loss of hair and performs hair transplants on a routine basis.

A dermatologist who already specializes in skin, hair, and nail issues must be well in hair loss. Hair transplants can be performed by any Skyclinic surgeon. Therefore, the doctor’s skill lies in assessing whether you’re a strong choice for hair transplantation.

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