Can I Wear Zero Power Glasses After LASIK Surgery?

If you want to get rid of power glasses or contact lenses then you should go for Lasik surgery. It is the most popular laser eye surgery. Also, it improves your vision very quickly and painlessly. You can visit Lasik surgery hospitals in Delhi to know if you are a good candidate for the Lasik procedure. It is often seen that people achieve 6/6 or 20/20 post the Lasik procedure. So, it is very effective and has a high recovery rate. It is a permanent treatment. It creates permanent changes in the shape of the cornea. So, the change in the shape of the cornea focuses light properly on the retina to form a clear image.

The results after this laser treatment depend upon several factors. And it varies from person to person. So, to assure the success of the Lasik surgery you must contact an eye doctor to know if you are suitable for the laser process. They look for many factors like if your eyes are healthy or not. Also, they ensure that your cornea shape is stable and not changing every year. If the eye examination comes in favor then you can go for the Lasik treatment. Lasik eye surgery cost in Indian rupees is affordable. However, if you achieve 20/40 vision then you may find you still need glasses for some activities.

It is important to know that Lasik surgery was done to achieve the clear distant vision. So, if you do a lot of near work like continuous work on the computer then the doctor may advise you to wear zero power glasses. If you work a lot on a computer then your power may shift to -0.50 D or -1.00 D. So, you can use zero power glasses to avoid harm to your eyes from radiation.

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You may require power glasses because of some reasons or if you are irresponsible. Here are some things you should avoid after the laser treatment:

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  • High impact sports
  • Swimming
  • Reading in dim light
  • Rubbing your eyes too much when it gets dry
  • Avoid makeup and lotions for several weeks

If you go for Lasik surgery at an older age then there is a high possibility that after a few years you may require power glasses. Because presbyopia or loss of eyesight with aging is common. So, the doctor may advise you to use power glasses. If you do not get a clear vision like 20/40 then you can use lower prescription glasses. This is a good option for people suffering from myopia or astigmatism. However, you can still enjoy the majority of daily activities like driving, reading, watching TV, etc.

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But if you do not find improvement in your vision after Lasik within four weeks or a month. Then you want to return to contact lenses. But it is difficult to fir the contact lens after the patient undergoes Lasik. This happens due to a change in the shape of the cornea. Some patients go for Lasik retreatment or enhancement. It is generally a touch-up. This is an option if your vision is worse than 20/40 even after Lasik surgery.

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