Choose The Right Ducted Air Conditioner Company For Your Premises

If you are living in a region, where summers are very hot and dry, it will be very difficult to live comfortably without any air conditioning system. 

Cool Times has been installing ducted air conditioning in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs since the year 1993 and now has grown into one of the market leaders with a high reputation for quality in this air conditioning industry.

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So, then what should you consider before you decide to install any ducted air conditioning system on your premises.

1. Decide the right cooling capacity

You must first decide the cooling capacity needed for your space to remain comfortable during summers. You will need the help of any HVAC professional who will inspect and measure the space and calculate the capacity needed. 

2. Consider the local climate

While deciding the right type of air-conditioning system, it is very essential to know about the local climate so that you know the maximum temperature that the area can go, during the summer season.

3. How many rooms are to be cooled?

Your air conditioner size will also be dictated by the number of rooms present on your property that need to be cooled. You need to know their individual size and the condition of the rooms.

4. Room sizes and their layout

To decide the right capacity of the airconditioning system, it is essential to know not only the individual size of each room, but also their individual layouts. 

5. Type of airconditioning

There can be no one-size-fits-all type of air conditioner for all spaces. You may have different requirement and preferences as compared to the other people. So, you need to explore the right size and type of AC.

6. What is insulation level?

It is also important to see how much insulated your premise is and also how much sunlight it gets. If there is an inadequate level of insulation then you need to improve the insulation level of your home.

7. Energy efficiency

These days the air conditioners are rated with stars to indicate how energy-efficient the air conditioning system is. A higher energy-efficient rating will ensure a lower energy bill for the system.

8. The noise level of the system

There are a few airconditioning systems that can create noise and therefore while drawing the specification of your system, you must also specify your accepted level of noise. 

9. Reliability

While selecting an air conditioner, reliability is one of the key considerations and hence it is important to go for any reputed brand that can offer you a longer warranty and better after-sales service. 

10. What is your budget?

No doubt, ducted air conditioners will need a higher initial cost during their installation, and therefore, while choosing the right quality of air conditioning system your budget will be of a very important parameter to decide the right AC.

A ducted air conditioner is the most efficient type of airconditioning method available today, that may require a higher initial investment, however, in the long run, you can save your money on the energy bill.  

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