Choosing concrete test cube made Easy Kenya

Concrete test tubes are cylindrical containers made of concrete, commonly used in scientific laboratories for conducting various tests and experiments. These test tubes are designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring they can withstand laboratory use demands.

Concrete test tubes come in various sizes, with diameters typically ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. They generally store and handle small quantities of liquids or solids in a laboratory setting. These test tubes often have caps or stoppers to prevent the contents from spilling or evaporating.

Concrete test cubes are used to determine the compressive strength of concrete. The cubes are cast in standard sizes and cured under controlled conditions before being tested. Many factors affect the concrete test cube price in Kenya. This article will discuss these factors and provide ways to reduce the cost of purchasing concrete test cubes.

Size of the Cube

The size of the concrete test cube is a significant factor that affects the price. Generally, the larger the size of the cube, the more expensive it will be. The standard dimensions of concrete test cubes in Kenya are 150mm x 150mm x 150mm and 100mm x 100mm x 100mm. The 150mm cube is more commonly used so it may be more expensive than the latter.

It is advisable to purchase the standard sizes to avoid paying extra for custom sizes. Custom sizes may be more expensive since they require additional resources and production time.

Quality of the Cube

The quality of the concrete test cube can also affect its price. High-quality cubes that meet the required standards may be more expensive than low-quality cubes that do not. Ensuring the cubes purchased to meet the required standards is crucial to avoid inconveniences during testing.

Quantity Ordered

The number of concrete test cubes ordered can also affect the price. Generally, the more cubes ordered, the lower the price per unit. Bulk orders may attract discounts, reducing the cost per cube significantly.

It is advisable to estimate the number of cubes needed and order all of them at once to take advantage of bulk discounts.

Location of the Supplier

The location of the supplier can also affect the price of concrete test cubes. Suppliers far from the buyer may charge higher fees to cover transportation costs. Therefore, choosing a supplier close to your construction site is essential to reduce transportation costs.

Choosing a supplier close to your construction site can significantly reduce transportation costs. Suppliers who are far away may charge higher prices to cover transportation costs. It is essential to research the suppliers close to your construction site and choose the one with the most competitive prices.


In conclusion, concrete test cubes are essential in determining the compressive strength of concrete. The cost of purchasing these cubes in Kenya is affected by several factors, such as the size of the cube, quantity ordered, location of the supplier, and quality of the cube.

To reduce the cost of purchasing concrete test cubes, one can place bulk orders, choose a supplier close to the construction site, purchase standard sizes, and choose a reputable supplier. It is essential to do thorough research before buying to ascertain that the necessary due diligence has been performed. Check also concrete mixer for sale in kenya.

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