Classic Cars You Should Look to Invest In

Let’s be real. Even among classic cars there are some that just stand out from the rest and stand up to the test of time. If you have that classic car that you just love then by all means, go after it and add it to the collection. But if you are thinking about classic cars not only as a status symbol or personal hobby/joy, but also as a part of a long-term investment plan.

Some classic cars may not have had their time in the limelight when they were built but are now worth a serious look as a classic car investment. Which overlooked cars meet this mold? White’s Bodyworks share them now. Read on to find out!

The Triumph Stag

The car has the name, there’s no doubt about that. Problem was when this vehicle saw it’s hey day in the 1970s it wasn’t the sleek style or major engine that gained attention. It was the host of reliability problems. This car had issues staying running…at a truly appalling rate even at the slightly lower standards of the time.

These are more easily fixed now as the initial engine problems were fixed before later models, but it was a bit late for the reputation of the car at the time.

Cracked caskets and terrible engine cooling aside (there’s a line) this car rocketed to fame as the car of choice of 007 James Bond in “Diamonds Are Forever” and this model was limited to a mere 26,000 vehicles which kept it scarce even then.

With the engine issues fixed, you’re left with a classic 4-set convertible with a powerful early V8 engine that is a joy to drive and has serious collecting value making it a top notch investment, as well.

The MK-1 Ford Capri

This isn’t your normal Ford. This vehicle is easily recognizable and was clearly designed off the bat with the idea of being a car that was destined to become a classic car that collectors would want to add to their collection for decades after the initial release.

This is a car that currently is adding value as quickly as virtually any classic car on the market as demand is sky rocketing. Some models are more popular than others with the MK-1 being a big more than the MK-2 however both are very popular and make for good vehicles.

The 280 Brooklands and 2.8i Special are the top of this group. Their value has increased immensely the last few years and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon.

It is said that these cars are hard to find, so if you don’t have a good thumb on the pulse of the market finding your classic punch coupe might be easier said than done.

The Ford Escort RS2000

Why stick with one classic Ford when you can have two? These are fun vehicles that are easy to spot, fun to drive, and the RS2000 MK1 tend to be especially rare. That early 70s car has seen a rebirth in popularity, and the sheer number of them that were ignored for decades meant many of the original models were lost to rust.

Meaning as a classic car investment, this Escort is excellent as values are soaring. A new appreciation for the fine handling and the well-designed Cosworth engine is making them valuable and despite the many lost to disinterest, they aren’t as rare as many other options on this list.

That makes finding these classic Ford Escorts a bit easier and a bit more viable.

The Volvo 1800 ES

Volvo is a brand that comes up when thinking of long-term reliability and efficient design. This isn’t exactly a classic car thought either, but the 1800 ES is the rare one that may buck that trend. This is another car that has a James Bond connection, this time through actor Roger Moore’s choice of vehicle in the classic movie “The Saint.”

This is a car that has the beautiful attractive look of the 1960s while it still has the reputation Volvo has built for quality. In other words, this car does not have the severe issues that many other classic cars have dealt with at one time or another. The controls aren’t heavy handed, the engine offers plenty of torque, and unlike many classics: it has a high safety rating.

The 1800 ES from Volvo feels like a hidden gem that provides a great experience while also offering amazing upside on top of the consistent “value creep” this classic car has already enjoyed.

The Toyota MR2 Sports Car

This 1980s entry has some serious things going for it among classic car investors. This was a very reliable car with engineering that was considered ahead of the pack in the mid to late eighties when it was produced. Sleek styling, a relatively affordable price, and iconic pop-up headlights make this a head turner.

This is also one of the best handling classic cars you will find thanks to a great engine balanced with a smooth transmission and strong independent suspension. An original rust free model of this car will always find plenty of willing buyers.

The BMW E24 (Especially the 6 Series)

How could we end with any other choice than a classic BMW? The E24 was produced for 14 years, showing just how effective it was, and this was the first of the 6 series. This is a classic vehicle that also provides a reliable and trustworthy workhorse. Not your common description with a classic card.

These vehicles are easy to recognize, high-end, and have as much substance as style, which is what BMW is known for.

Parts are easy to find which makes maintaining the vehicle reasonable in price and as long as you take care of it, this will last you for many decades to come while keeping a value that will keep you smiling.

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