Comparing The Differences Between All Vendors Of Kratom

In this rapid and fast going world it is very hard to determine the difference between the best kratom vendors. As every vendor offers the kratom products but all have big differences in terms of services, practices and quality. All kratom vendors are not the same as everyone has different criteria, different qualities, different variety of products and many more.

Kratom Vendors: Differences And Similarities

This article will let you know and make you identify the differences between all kratom vendors and you will get to know why they are not equal.

1.    Customer service

Customer service of all the kratom may vary. The vendors that are reliable offer good customer service and also check the customer issues, concerns and inquiries. Good vendors make sure that their customers gain a good experience and they come back here for shopping.

But some vendors provide bad customer service that take their customers towards frustrations. Every vendor should make sure that their customer support team is highly responsive.

2.    Pricing of vendors vary

Pricing is one of the crucial factors but it varies from vendor to vendor. Extremely low prices make the customer suspicious about the quality. Some of the vendors offer their customers rewards and discounts and many have constant prices.

It is important to balance the quality when evaluating prices of the product from all the vendors.

3.    Quality of the product

One of the reasons that highlight the difference among all vendors is the quality. The good and trusted vendors bring kratom from the trusted farms of the South Asian countries where the plants are growing naturally. They make sure that the products are tested from the 3rd part source and also prioritize the freshness of the product.

On the other hand, many vendor’s sell low quality kratom or expired products. This risks the life of the people.

4.    Transparency factors

Transparency plays a very important role in building trust. Many of the good vendors give honest information about the sourcing of the products and its testing information. They provide the lab testing results to the customers.

On the other hand, many of the vendors lack transparency which is a big issue. This makes it hard for the customers in product quality verification and authenticity of the products.

5.    Product selection

Kratom vendors are different in the product and strain ways. Good and trusted vendors have a wide range of varieties including strains such as white, red and green. They offer many types of kratom that includes capsules, powders and extracts.

The vendors that are not trusted and are smaller don’t have a variety of kratom, and they don’t even have strains. Customers should check whether the vendor contains a variety of kratom or not.


Not all kratom products and not all vendors are equal. This article is about the differences between vendors in terms of transparency, customer service, product selection, pricing and others. If you want to see the positive kratom experience, then it is very important to choose the vendors carefully after full research.


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