Cost of surrogacy and a surrogate mother in Poland

What is surrogacy?

We can say that surrogacy is the process of reproduction with the help of a third party. In this process, a surrogate mother is responsible for carrying a baby in her womb for about nine months or till delivery. This method is really helpful for couples who cannot give birth to a child. There are two different types of surrogacy methods depending on various consequences. Apart from that, there are different rules about surrogacy leihmutterschaft in different countries, and a Poland can legally give birth to a baby for couples by following certain laws. 

 Restrictions in choosing surrogate mother, Poland: 

Europe is one of the developing continents, in which all of its countries are best for surrogacy. As we all know, surrogate motherhood is legal in a few European countries, and in other remaining countries, this process continues under some strict laws. Apart from that, due to their best service, they pay a bit more attention towards choosing a surrogate mother in Poland  (leihmutter polen), so she can be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Here are some restrictions for surrogacy:

  • She should have a history of giving birth to at least one healthy baby.
  • The entire drug-related medical test like nicotine, drug, or alcohol should be negative. 
  •  There should be zero chances of any sexually transmitted diseases
  • No somatic or mental pathologies. 
  • She should be psychologically fit to play her role as a surrogate mother. 

Cost of surrogate mother: 

The cost of a surrogate mother doesn’t only mean her fees, but you should be responsible for paying her every bill. There are many things she will need throughout nine months, so it’s on the biological parents of the baby to help her till her delivery. It’s a really basic question asked by most parents: how much a surrogate mother will cost and what things are included in the cost of surrogacy. So the answer is with the pay of the surrogate mother; all her maintenance will be on you. This maintenance may include her food, clothes, medical bills, traveling, and a few more things. 

High surrogacy rate in Europe: 

In Europe, surrogacy rates are a bit high; two main reasons behind this high cost. The main reason for the high surrogacy rate is that the medications used in the reproductive clinics are a bit expensive, but always remember that after paying this much money, you will surely get many benefits. Main reasons for high surrogacy cost: 

In Vitro Fertilization 

IVF treatment is not always positive on the first attempt, so there are three major attempts of IVF, and after that, you have to pay once again. But in Europe, after only paying once, it’s their responsibility to make the IVF successful. 

Payment for caesarian section 

One of a surrogate mother’s requirements is that she must give birth naturally.  But if she cannot give birth naturally and you have to move towards the caesarian section, the cost of a surrogate mother will be automatically doubled. 


Nowadays, you will get solutions for your medical issues, but infertility is still a bit difficult to treat. To help different people like gay couples, single parents, or couples with difficulty conceiving surrogacy is the only solution. Through this process, you can have your biological baby only with the help of a surrogate mother. In different countries like surrogate mother Poland, their cost is high due to some expensive medications or other expenses, including her food, clothes, or everything she will need in her pregnancy period. The biological parents of that baby are responsible for paying her bills until she gives birth. 

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