Creative Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Business cards are a great way of making a good first impression on prospective clients. People get a glimpse into the personality of your business and build their expectations accordingly.

An interesting business card helps you stand out as it shows potential clients that you pay attention to details, produce high-quality work, and have creative eyes. If you invest some time in creating an eye-catching design, it wouldn’t just provide potential clients with necessary contact information but will also subtly communicate your brand identity.

Read more ahead to find out how you can make your business card stand out from the crowd and use it as a marketing tool to score long-lasting clients.

· Be Visual

The first impression anyone will have while holding your business card is the visual aspect of it. They won’t immediately go on to reading your contact number or even the name of your brand. Therefore, this is a very important thing to keep in mind while designing your business card.

The first thing you need to add to your business card is your company’s logo, as that is basically the brand identity you want to introduce first. But don’t stop at the logo. Design the rest of the card in a way that compliments your business logo instead of just pasting it on a white background.

You may also choose to have your entire front covered in your logo and place the information on the backside so that your card is visually pleasing. You can create borders on your card and texture or blend non-accent colors to create a unique business card.

· Use Unique Material

There are a million different types of papers out there and with StationeryXpress you can bring all the difference.. So why would anyone want to stick to the standard white card stock material for their business card? Instead, look at heavier weights of paper that will make your card feel more stable and will make it less likely for it to bend while slipping into the wallet or purse.

Using textured papers is also a great way to catch your audience’s attention. In fact, you can even go beyond paper if you want. You can opt for plastic, leather, wood, cotton, and even metal to create unique business cards. Yes, you will likely have to spend a little extra in this case. But in the long run, it will be a great way to build brand identity.

· Don’t Add Every Piece Of Contact Information

When it comes to business cards, there is such a thing as too much information. You may be tempted to add all of your contact information imaginable, including mobile number, landline, email address, company address, fax number, links to all your social media pages, etc. However, realistically speaking, a potential client does not need all of that, and this would only add clutter to your business card.

Instead, be selective of what information you choose to add to your business card. Ask yourself: How would you prefer to engage with clients? How do you think potential clients would like to contact you? Would anyone really catch a cab to your office for basic information? Cherry-pick the best methods of contact. This way, there will be no added clutter, and your clients would have an easier way of knowing how to contact you.

· Define a Purpose

While it isn’t necessary to add all sorts of information on your card, it is important for your card to serve a purpose. A lot of people tend to overlook this aspect and only provide the necessary information to contact them with a vague description of their job. In such a scenario, defining a purpose is one of the easiest ways to make your card stand out from the rest.

Your business card could serve one of these purposes:

Brand awareness



Mini catalogues or brochures

Depending on your own defined purpose, add the necessary information to your business card.

· Include Social Media Info

It is no secret that social media has taken over the world. If you want your business to take off and succeed in the long run, maintaining a strong presence on social media is arguably the most important thing to do.

Adding social media information to your card makes it easier for people to access you online and gives off the image that you are a part of a forward-thinking company that likes to stay on top of things.

This is an ideal chance to make new connections on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and generate more engagement. It also gives your audience a chance to look your brand up beforehand to get an idea of what you’re up to, making them a lot more likely to give you a call afterward.

· Opt for Unique Shape

This may take some work, but it can be a very effective technique to make your business card truly stand out from the rest. Almost 95% of the business cards you’ll come across are the traditional rectangular shape with either sharp or rounded corners. So aren’t you more likely to pay attention to a card if it is a unique shape?

Most people will be more inclined to look at a card that isn’t the traditional shape. This will automatically give an advantage to your business card, as people will naturally read the information on it as well. Potential clients may even bring back the card and show it to their coworkers just because of the unique shape.

So if you truly intend to make your business card stand out, opting for a custom shape may be a very effective strategy you can opt for. However, make sure to stay on brand. If you work in the electronic industry and make a flower-shaped card, it can send a confusing message.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make your business card stand out. All you have to do is put some effort into it, and you may be able to score clients only on the basis of your business card. 

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