Detailed Explanation of 1-Year Courses in Canada to Make an Informed Decision

The education system in Canada is globally acclaimed, and so is its standard of living. It has been one of the most popular destinations for Indian students since 2019, surpassing the USA. Moreover, it offers 1-year courses in Canada for students designed to provide an industry-oriented perspective. This blog will outline 1-year courses in Canada and their eligibility criteria. 

While many students think a 1-year master’s degree is ideal for a rewarding career, some prefer to opt for professional 1-year PG Diploma courses. If you are someone who is looking for post-graduation opportunities to study in Canada, you need to analyze all your options well. A PG Diploma is a short-term academic course that can be pursued after completing your bachelor’s degree. Students who want to gain professional training in any field can opt for this program.

It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to upgrade their skills, change their career paths, gain global exposure and build a strong professional network at affordable costs!

Popular 1-Year Courses in Canada 

These one-year courses can be diplomas, certificates, postgraduate programs etc. The MBA programs have gained a name for themselves throughout these years, and most students choose this due to its industrial oriented curriculum, internships etc.  A typical master’s program comprises 180 credits in Canada. Whereas, a PG diploma course is usually 120 credits long. Some of the popular 1-year courses in Canada include: 

  1. Information Systems Security 
  2. Human Resources 
  3. Disaster and Emergency Management 
  4. Customer Service 
  5. Accounting 
  6. Business Analytics 
  7. Project Management 
  8. Marketing 
  9. Global Business Management 
  10. Management 
Diploma  Certificate Courses  Graduate Certificates  Masters -1 year 
Graduate Diploma in Human Security and Peacebuilding  Certificate in Business Foundations  Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Security  Executive Diploma (14 months) 
Acting for Film, T.V. and Theatre Diploma  Certificate in Bookkeeping  Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Practice MA in Gender & Social Studies
Diploma in Safety Health and Environmental Management Certificate in Office Administration Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management MA in Sociology
Diploma in Cyber Security Specialist Certificate in Pre-Business Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development MSc in Mathematics
Diploma in Business Administration (Co-op)  Certificate in Business Fundamentals Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Business Decision Making MSc in Urban and Regional Planning
Graduate Diploma in Disaster and Emergency Management Certificate in Office Administration-General Graduate Certificate in Sports Business Management MA in Political Science
Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op Certificate of Customer Service Fundamentals-Insurance Graduate Certificate in Project Management Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Certificate in Applied Accounting NA  Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
NA  Certificate in Business Foundations-Entrepreneurship NA  Master of Engineering Leadership in Sustainable Process Engineering
NA  Veterinary Office Administration Certificate NA  MA in Theological Studies


1-Year Courses Offered by Universities 

Many premier institutions offer 1-year courses in Canada. Underlined below is a list for the same: 

University  Course  Duration 
McMaster University 
  • MSc Computer Science 
  • MIM 
  • Technology Diploma  
    1 year 
University of Toronto 
  • MSc Computer Science 
  • Executive MBA 
  • Master of Arts in Psychology 
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • M.E. Civil Engineering 
16 months 

1 year 

15 months 

1 year 

Thompson Rivers University 
  • MBA Accelerated 
  • Business Foundations Certificate 
  • Adventure Guide Certification 
  • Horticulture Certification 
  • Waste and Wastewater Utilities Certificate 
1 year 
Carleton University 
  • MBA 
  • M.A in Communication 
  • M.E in Aerospace Engineering 
  • Graduate Diploma in Health 
16 months 

1 year 

Admission for Diploma Courses in Canada 

Candidates must start preparing for their applications by the end of January 2022. However, they must appear for English proficiency exams beforehand to not clash with the University intakes. Some of the application deadlines are outlined below: 

Deadline as of 2022  College 
Fall- October 1 to February 1  Algonquin College
February  Centennial College
February 1  Lambton College
February 1  Durham College
Rolling  Seneca College
February 1  Humber College
May 31 for Fall  Douglas College
Mid Oct- Feb 1 Fanshawe College

Admission Requirements for 1-Year Courses in Canada 

Aspiring candidates must meet specific eligibility parameters. These are listed below: 

  • If candidates are applying for a postgraduate diploma or certificate courses, one needs to submit transcripts or Bachelors. In the case of a post-secondary Diploma, one must submit transcripts of the last four years of schooling. 
  • Students must submit their English language proficiency scores such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. 
  • In addition, they require a Canadian permit. If the duration is less than six months, they need to apply for a temporary visa. They must possess documents such as a valid passport, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Acceptance letter from the educational institution and transcripts. 

Why Should You Pursue 1 Year Courses in Canada? 

These courses offered in Canadian institutions are job-oriented and aim at focusing on the practical aspect of learning. Diploma courses usually last for around one year except for some engineering courses, which might be longer. Naturally, these study programs are ideal for those candidates who intend to complete an educational program within a short period. 

These courses are accepted across Canada and can be considered for different types of job roles. 1-year courses in Canada are vocational and aim to emphasise the practical aspects of learning. These are beneficial in many ways. These programs are for those students who wish to complete an educational program within a short period. These short courses are very affordable and begin at $2,000 per annum. 

Moreover, these are recognised in Canada and play a pivotal role in employment. Canada offers a post-graduate work permit to students after the completion of their studies provided their course was at least 8 months long. Students can get a post-graduate work permit of at least eight months and upto 3 years depending on the duration of their course. So, you can apply for a work permit whether you have completed a 1-year master’s or a PG diploma. 

Canada is a coveted destination due to its optimal fees and high-quality education. Moreover, 1-year courses in Canada are highly in demand due to the benefits mentioned above. 

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