Different Types Of Zorbing Balls

Zorbing is a type of outdoor activity with an endless fun, unforgettable memories and enjoyment. No matter you want to walk on the water, ride downhill, or challenging friends on the play ground, zorbing is one of the tremendous fun that one can have in summer. The idea of zorbing is to quickly descend a person from an inclined surface in a transparent ball. Moreover, zorbing can also be done on the water or on play grounds.

What is zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a type of large plastic inflatable ball that let a person climb inside it. It consists of two spheres. The smaller one is inside the larger sphere which is protected with slings. These slings provide load uniformity and the air cushion between the spheres. The user enters into the small sphere and fasten himself with safety belts. In Zorb ball a maximum of 2 persons can climb at a time.

Types of zorb balls

A zorb ball primarily has only two forms, dry ball or wet ball. Dry balls are safer because the person can move around inside the ball while wet balls are slippery and more difficult to control as they’re covered with water. These two forms have further uses which are:

  • Ground zorb balls

It is the most sold and widely available zorbing ball in the market. Ground zorb ball is perfect for playing in the ground like running, jumping, and rolling around. It is the form of dry zorb ball that is made up of 1 mm thick and transparent plastic. Its diameter ranges between 10 feet to 12 feet and can hold a person with maximum height of 8 feet. The PVC flexible material used in it makes it durable, flexible and lightweight.

  • Water zorb balls

The second one is used on water that is loved by not only kids but also by adults. It let you walk or run on the water. Water zorb balls have high grade straps and handles inside to maximum the security of a person inside. Moreover, the premium quality rubber and latex makes it durable, hole resistant, and puncture free. These water zorb balls come in different sizes depending on how much weight and height a person could have who will use it.

  • Snow zorb balls

The third one is not for water and land but it is for snow areas. Snowy surfaces have much more fun of zorbing than on water or ground. That is why snow zorb ball depend is increasing day to day in the market. One drawback of snow zorb ball is snowy surface has less friction and can cause ball freezing which will not let you move easily. If you are professional or some expert is with you then it is the most recommended one in the zorb balls.

  • Bubble zorb balls

If you are football and soccer fan, then bubble zorb balls will definitely attract you. These bubble balls let you ride and play intense games like football. It is a type of zorb ball that will cover you half upper body including head and you can then control it yourself. By wearing this zorb ball you are in the middle of the ball and needs to collide with other person who is also in the bubble zorb ball. The colliding will not harm you plus your head is safe from any injury. It is like a helmet ball that lets you enjoy the game by controlling ball yourself and have full safety inside. It is a perfect choice for football and soccer lovers.

2 Best zorb balls to buy

  • Half transparent giant bubble soccer ball

The first is the example of bubble zorb ball that comes in half transparent and half colored combination. If you are in a blue team, you can buy half blue or if you are in red team, you can buy half red one. The ball is made up of high-quality PVC material that is durable and can bear many collides without hurting you. It comes in 1.5m diameter and is CE/UL/SGS certified. It is a perfect choice for football and soccer players or fans.

  • PVC clear inflatable zorbing roller ball

It is a perfect example of ground zorbing ball that is made up of 0.8mm PVC material and comes in 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.8m diameter. It is one of the newest model in the market whose demand is increasing insanely. There is much space in between the ball where kid or adult can easily sit. The use of this ball is to collide with the other player in the ground. You need to move the ball and rotate it forward from inside. It is an ideal zorb ball or pubs, downhill, and play grounds. It comes in yellow and green color and is CE/UL/SGS certified.

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