Different ways 1800, 800, 888 numbers can be used for business.  

Though the telecommunication has experienced many innovations, nothing could beat the significance of the toll-free phone number. Its single implementation enables a business to see your customers free from call incurring charges and attain high customer satisfaction. This is one of the chief reasons behind the increased affinity of the business world towards this revolutionary telecommunication means.   

However, most of the people think that is the only best use of this type of business phone number. If you think so, then we have to say that you are underestimating its capabilities. It is more than a mere free calling tool. It is a way to leverage your brand image, increase your team productivity, and a traceable marketing tool. It is also playing a crucial role in global expansion.   

Here are some of the hidden key uses of toll-free numbers that your are not aware of –

  • You can use them to create a poll or voting system.

Do you want your customers’ opinions or votes about any single product or services?  

The toll-free number is the best pick. You can get one toll-free number and set a pre-set IVR system to record the customers’ views and opinions. As calling over this type of business phone number is free for your customers, they don’t hesitate to record their answers. You can also purchase different numbers for different polls and make the process more sorted.  

  • You can set-up a helpline for your customers.

If you run a business like healthcare, career counseling, and medical assistance, then having a helpline is a great way to offer instant service to your customer pool. In these types of businesses, calls last longer than usual. With a  toll-free number, your customers don’t hesitate to make inquiries after inquires.  

  • Change of location without changing the number.

It looks like you are planning to move out of the country and taking your business at a global level. In that case, getting a new business phone number may create few hurdles. You may lose some old yet important contacts, your old customers may not be able to contact you, and you have to struggle once again to get a place in peoples’ memory.   

With toll-free numbers, all these hurdles can be curbed completely as they work regardless of your location. No matter where you are moving, it will follow you. All you need to do is simply activate call forwarding, and all your old contacts can be in touch.  

Some of the best virtual phone numbers offer number portability facility. With this facility, you need not change your existing number with the change of VoIP service provider.  

  • You can track your marketing programs’ efficacy easily.

We all know how important marketing is for your business. Businesses spend millions on a single marketing program. Monitoring the efficacy of these marketing programs is as important as launching one. With the introduction of toll free phone numbers for your marketing programs, you can easily track it.  

 For example, you can set different extensions for online promotion and print media promotion, which got the most public’s attention. You can also purchase vanity numbers to make marketing more specific and easily traceable.  

  • You can gather customer reviews quickly.

Do you know that a positive customer review influences 92% of customers?  

It is particularly true when we talk about e-commerce. People are likely to buy products that have a high customer rating. It wins their hearts and tempts them to buy it. In short, it is a silent marketing.   

So, if you are an online business, then don’t forget to ask for your customers’ feedback.  

 But why your customers will call you if it cost them a few pennies?  

That is why you need the best virtual phone number. You can include it in an SMS and ask your clients to give a call on it. You can set questions like:  

Are you satisfied with the product?  

For “Yes” press 1, and for “No” press 2. Your job is done.   

What type of toll-free numbers can you purchase? 

So, now you are aware of the true potential of toll-free phone numbers. The next thing to ponder over is what types of options are available for use? Here is the explanation.  By clicking this site you can get wholesale balloons suppliers. 

The chief prefixes of toll-numbers are 800, 877, 866, 888, and 855. Out of all these, 1800 is the original, most-loved, and foremost one. As they are in use since the beginning, they are easily recognizable. So, if you are a start-up and want to gain easy recognition, then 1-800 is the best choice to make. 

 With the growing demand, other prefixes such as 888, 877, 866, and 855 have also made their place in the business and consumer world. If you want to stand out against the crowd, then these prefixes are the right things to pick. 

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