Do Casinos care if you win?

Some people brag a lot about how much they have won at the casinos. But the truth is that nobody cares about whether or not you won. Although there are a few instances where advantage players and card counters may be asked to stop and leave by the dealers and gaming managers, this is always rare because casino dealers believe that people who win go out there and spread the word to their friends who will visit the casino and play for money. This helps the casino to make more money. The dealers will never cease being happy when you win, especially if you treat them well, and tip them regularly.

Remember that it’s only a quarter of all the people who patronage all casinos, including Casino Marin who win something. The rest do not at all, and this is the group that visits a casino for fun and doesn’t mind how long their losing streak runs.

Players who have years of experience playing some specific games, or those who have mastered the strategy of the casino game can win a lot of money in the long run. This group includes those who play blackjack and those who take advantage of freebies and complimentary give-away.

Under what circumstances can casinos bar you?

While the house edge is designed to benefit the casino in the long run, there are certain instances where a player walks away with massive wins repeatedly. You should understand that a casino is a business like any other and it takes losses just up to a set limit. The management of gambling establishments believes that it’s within their right to stop someone who has won more than the expected amount from playing and going home with more winning payouts. The management always keeps a keen eye on the players and those who are regarded as advantaged players are prevented from taking part in further play.

The house edge and why no one cares

The odds that  Casino Marin will make more money than their players are always high. That means that you have lower chances of taking money from casinos, while for them, there is a huge chance that they will take yours. This is because, by design, casinos are built to limit the amount that they pay as well as the probability of a player walking away with the money.

Take, for example, if you hit winnings of 30:1 in roulette, the real payout could be something like 36:1, which means that even if you are the winner, the casino has already cut its losses by paying you a lower amount.


In gambling, the design of the house edge favors the casinos. While you may be winning in the short run, you are most likely to be disadvantaged in the long run. Some games pay more, while others have low-paying percentages. In the long run, nobody cares about your wins, provided that you are not considered to be an advantage player by the casino management. Remember that 75% of casino players lose, and the small percentage of winners makes it a profitable business for the casino.

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