Dreaming of a Career in Cybersecurity? Earn Certbolt CompTIA Security+ Certification

A career in cybersecurity is extremely rewarding provided that you have the right skills at your disposal.

But, where to get those essential skills and how to get them validated to land a high-paying job? Those are the real questions.

This is where CompTIA Security+ certification can help.

Recognized by every major IT company, CompTIA badges are a great way to learn the most demanded IT skills validated by industry professionals. So, if you are looking to start a career in cybersecurity, you must consider earning a CompTIA Security+ Certification in Manila

How CompTIA Security+ badge can help you with a career in cybersecurity?

Here are a few ways CompTIA Security+ badge can help.

  • Learn the most in-demand cybersecurity skills:

 Certification in Manila are well known for their updated course content. The skills required to earn the Security+ badge are currently in-demand and include: Risk management, learning and dealing with vulnerabilities, cryptography, network architecture, and network troubleshooting.

Not only this, but the three-year expiry tenure of certifications ensures that the course content changes with current progression to match the need of the hour.

  • Getting a competitive advantage over other candidates:

As a beginner, it can be a bit difficult to land a high-paying job in cybersecurity and you need to have a competitive advantage over other candidates. And this is exactly what the CompTIA Security+ badge provides. 

This credential can become a tie-breaker between two candidates having the same set of skills and expertise. 

Let’s say an employer wants to select between two candidates, one with this professional certification and the other with no certification. Who do you think, the employer will pick?

  • Add weight to Your Resume:

Having the Security+ certification on your resume means that you are equipped with hands-on skills to solve various issues related to security. The thing is that the exam you need to pass (SY0-601) is the only assessment that contains performance-based questions and verifies your cybersecurity skills. It makes you a real professional at your workplace. Thus, the Security+ badge holds a significant value to the employers.

As such, having the Security+ certification on your resume can certainly booster the chance of landing high-paying jobs.

  • Opens better career prospects

In addition, having the CompTIA Security+ certification means that you are eligible for a great variety of job positions, some of which include security administrator, security engineer, security specialist, penetration tester, network administrator, among many. Moreover, with this badge, you can earn annually from $48,000 to $120,000 per year. 

So, what’s the way to this badge?

How to get the CompTIA Security+ certification?

In order to earn the CompTIA Security+ credential, candidates are required to pass SY0-601 exam. This assessment focuses on the cybersecurity skills required to professionally assist businesses. It checks how skillful you are to implement security solutions, secure hybrid environment, consider applicable policies, respond effectively to security incidents. Since this version is a new one, and has been issued this year, the exam content matches the needs of current cybersecurity trends. 

Before taking SY0-601 exam you should pay $349. As for its details, you’ll need to complete 90 questions within 90 minutes. To pass this assessment, you need to score 750 points from 900. 

Referring to the exam prerequisites, to obtain the Security+ certification, you should either possess the Network+ badge or have 2-year security experience in IT administration.

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Due to the sheer number of cyberattacks happening daily all around the globe, almost every major business is taking its cybersecurity seriously. Businesses are readily spending millions of dollars to ensure that they don’t become the next victims of cyberattacks. Now, more than ever, employers are looking for cybersecurity experts with jobs left, right and center.

It’s high time to get the Security+ certification and enjoy a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

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