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Never seem to get enough of exciting battle royale encounters? The developers at KRAFTON, Inc hasn’t been sitting idle for the past four years. They are here with yet another fascinating game. Titled “PUBG: New State,” it takes the pleasure of thrilling throwdowns with vicious opponents to a whole new level. With its release in March 2017, PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BACKGROUNDS took the world by storm. It was the top-grossing game on Google Play. We never seemed to get enough of it! PUBG: New State adds a lot of flavor with the tweaks that it introduces.

The action takes place in 2051 in a place called Troi. Anarchy is in place as factions fight each other for supremacy. Fittingly, the players will have access to futuristic weapons. They will be able to upgrade those weapons on the go. Moreover, the battleground will offer excellent 8×8 km dimensions. That means more room for you to find resources and get a tactical advantage over your opponents.

Not only is the game set in the future, but its graphics also seem to be from the future itself. It boasts some of the most realistic graphics to feature in a mobile game. To complement the awesome graphics, the gunplay controls are smooth as silk! Get ready for an optimized and luxurious mobile shooting experience.

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One hundred players will fight each other for supremacy until only one player or team remains. The crown for being the Lone Survivor is up for grabs! You dictate your fate depending on your skills, experience, and intuition. There will be a continuously shrinking blue wall, battle-hardened enemies, and not much room for mistakes. PUBG: New State will provide a gaming experience that you will never come to regret.

Why LDPlayer is the best emulator for PUBG New State?

The reason behind being the best Android emulator for PUBG New State PC isn’t just overall features; it’s more about how the game works on the LDPlayer emulator. The smoothness and graphics the emulator provides can’t be compared in any aspect. 

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about losing battery or destroying your mobile device by playing heavy games. The truth is LDPlayer is better than a lot of high-end devices, whereas LDPlayer allows you to run PUBG New State on a low-end without issues or lag. 

If you are still wondering Why LDPlayer is the best emulator for PUBG New State PC, then you must know these two amazing features provided by the LDPlayer emulator:

Gamer-Oriented Feature:

The gamer-Oriented feature is one of the best features for games like PUBG New State PC, PUBG Mobile PC, LOL: Wild Rift PC, Black Desert Mobile PC, and much more. The feature enhances your PC’s performance by increasing your CPU and Processor’s outcome without harming or heating them. That way, it allows you to enjoy smoother and much more pleasant uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Game Boost:

Game Boost is specially designed to make games like PUBG New State PC, Black Desert PC, Free Fire PC much smoother. Combine this feature with Gamer-Oriented Feature, and you will have an experience of a lifetime. The smoothness, graphics, the speed you will get from LDPlayer can’t be compared with any other emulator, and these two features alone make LDPlayer the best emulator for PUBG New State PC.

How to download PUBG New State on PC?

Download PUBG New State on PC with the following tips:

  • Download and Install LDPlayer Emulator from its official website or any other website. But download it from the official website just to be safe.
  • Launch the emulator and add your Google account (If required).
  • Open the search bar and search for your desired game, for example, PUBG New State, and Install it on your Laptop/PC.

You can also install the APK of your desired game or app using LDPlayer’s APK Installer. Download the IWantCheats HWID Spoofer now and stay undetected while playing your favorite


LDPlayer is the best emulator for PUBG New State on PC. Some of the reasons are given above; as stated before, the emulator provides unlimited features that will enhance your gaming session, but it will also provide you with the experience of a lifetime. The graphics, bigger screen, smart keymapping, the macro is just some of the features you will be getting once you join LDPlayer.

The best part about using LDPlayer is that it can easily run on a low-end PC, and you can play almost every high-performance, high graphics, high FPS game without problems or lag. You can also play Free Fire and PUBG Mobile on 120 FPS. Combine all of these, and you got the best emulator for PUBG New State PC.

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