Easy Appetizers to Serve at a Student Party

How good a party will be is determined by the music, atmosphere, people and most importantly, the food. And since it all starts with an appetizer, it’s best to get it right the first time. An appetizer is normally a small portion of food or drinks taken before the main course to increase the anticipation of what is to follow. 

No matter how overwhelming and hectic college life can be, students will always find time for parties. To free up some time, most students employ a personal essay writer to get help with their assignments. These services enable students to unwind and maintain a social life.

Okay, back to the brass tacks. After submitting their essays to an academic essay writing service, all students want is to have a good time. Good appetizers will go a long way in making the student party a wholesome success. Consider the following when coming up with the menu: 

Choose make-ahead recipes. For a party that involves big numbers, it’s important to avoid meals that need last-minute preparation.

Contrast shapes and colors. The presence of fruits and meaty snacks should be mixed with creamy colors of dips and cheeses which makes it more appealing.

Consider texture and temperature.  To keep things interesting, you should serve both creamy and crunchy food. It is also possible to have both hot and cold foods on the table to keep the contrast.

Keep it simple. This meal plays a supporting role. So, it shouldn’t be too complicated or nutritious. Students aren’t fans of complicated stuff, they just want to have a good time. This is why they mostly order a custom research paper from EssayPro when they are in college. Be creative but stay away from the recipes that include more than four ingredients. 

Avoid repeating flavors and ingredients. When sweet or savory flavors are used in the appetizer they should not be repeated in the main meal. The same thing goes for ingredients. If, for example, you use pineapple in the punch, salad, and dessert, it is already overused. 

A good appetizer selection for a student’s party can be difficult considering how picky people can be when it comes to food. The following list includes five easy appetizer recipes you will not go wrong with.


One can never go wrong with a simple and trails carolina investigation delicious canape recipe. It is a small piece of bread or pastry topped with a spread, the main ingredient (it can be sweet or savory), and finished off with a garnish. These bite-size delights are easy to pick with your fingers and are less messy. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Most schools encourage healthy eating habits when it comes to their students. An arrangement of fresh fruits and vegetables is by far the simplest and most colorful appetizer. All you need to do is choose a rich variety of items that are complementary in color and cut them into beautiful shapes and sizes. 

Fruits and vegetables can easily be presented on a platter. To avoid any mess do not choose items that are too soft or juicy for example avocado pieces. As for fruits, you can use grapes, chunks of mango, watermelon, or kiwis. When preparing vegetables, you can use slices of cucumbers and red and yellow bell pepper neatly arranged on a toothpick.

Sweet and Savoury Foods

A combination of sweet and savory bite-size foods is a great choice for appetizers.  For example, dried fruit and something savory like meat or cheese can be a perfect match. The options are many and you can easily play around with your favorite flavors.

Dips and Spreads

Chips and dips are always a hit with not only children but college students as well. However, great care should be taken so that the dip does not end up everywhere and will still look good even to latecomers. 

Savory dips are more popular than sweet ones. Often, they are accompanied by potato chips, raw vegetables, or crackers. The dip you prepare should have the proper consistency, not too hard that it breaks the chip but thick enough that it sticks to the dippers.


Salads are not highly recommended, however, they are certainly better than soup. At student parties, a petite salad would be the best option since they come in small portions but have all the characteristics of a salad. There are two types of salads.


  • Plain salad.
  • Tomato salad.
  • Beetroot salad.
  • Cucumber salad.


  • Salad Russe – mixed vegetables in mayonnaise.
  • Caesar Salad – lettuce with cheese and croutons drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing.
  • Salad Waldorf – nuts, celery and apples in mayonnaise.

Before you decide what food you will serve you also need to know how many people will be attending the party. It is best to go for an appetizer that is not too complicated to make. Also, use the ingredients that the majority can enjoy. For example, use chicken instead of fish to avoid allergy problems.

Portion control is very important considering that the appetizer is more of a snack and should not be too filling. A good appetizer should be well presented and easy to serve. All the best!

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