Eighteen Islamabad is Offering a Unique Luxurious Lifestyle

A luxury lifestyle is a choice made by those with the means to indulge. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy luxury hotels, resorts, and even wine tastings. The house of Ora developers took that to another level with Eighteen Islamabad. If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious lifestyle, Eighteen Islamabad is the destination to chart.

Eighteen Islamabad, The Luxurious Project

Eighteen Islamabad is brought to you from the house of Ora developers. It is a company whose projects around the world are its introduction. This prestigious real estate company is owned by Egyptian billionaire Naquib Sawiri, former owner of Pakistan’s Mobilink. The fame of Ora developers has been spreading from Egypt to Cyprus and from Grenada to London.

If you want to know how good the company is, here’s a list of some of their project: 

  • The Nile city tower, Egypt
  • The pyramid hills, Egypt
  • Zed, Egypt
  • North Coast, Egypt
  • Grosvenor Square, London
  • Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus
  • Silversands Hotel, etc.

Their portfolio looks impressive, without any doubt. That shows how reliable they are!

So, the Ora developers have partnered with the Saif group and the Kohistan Builders and developers. Both of them are renowned as real estate companies in Pakistan. These two companies are also well recognized in Pakistan and have been working for ages. Eighteen Islamabad‘s attachment to these reputable and well-recognized companies is enough to build buyers’ trust and satisfaction.

The project was officially launched in the year 2017. On 18 February 2018, it was launched commercially in Pakistan. That date is marked as a milestone in reaching the epitome of luxury.

Luxury In Purest Form

This project has created so many ways for people to enjoy a life with luxury. One look at those features should be convincing enough for anyone. 

Prime Location

Eighteen Islamabad is located on the peaceful and prime location of the Kashmir highway. This place is a hub for easy access to eminent housing societies. It is about 11 km away from International Islamabad Airport, 5 km from Golra more and 3 km away from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

This unique location ensures a hassle-free life for you.  The road is very good and the place is very accessible. No traffic jam can catch you. You will be there in no time from either Lahore, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi.

Luxurious Options, Options Within Luxury

Eighteen promises buyers and investors an elite-class lifestyle. But it is not truly elite if you are not the one to make a choice. Eighteen wants you to make the decision and provides you with various options to choose from. 

Here’s what we present – 

  • Villas

Villas at Eighteen are exclusively designed for large families. There are a total of 1068 villas with various sizes to choose from, for instance:

  • 1/2 Kanal,
  • 1 Kanal,
  • 2 Kanal,
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal.
  • Heights

The apartments at Eighteen are called Heights. There is a total of 28, seven stories, of pavilion-style buildings. So, there are around 971 luxury and spacious apartments.

You can also choose from different options here. For instance:

  • Studio apartments,
  • 1-bed apartment,
  • 2-bed apartment,
  • 3-bed apartment,
  • 5-bed penthouse.

World-class Interiors

In Eighteen Islamabad, the luxury lifestyle is specially designed for upper-middle and elite classes. Likewise, the designers of this prominent project are well-known brands. The WATG, Wimberly Interiors, and the Callison RTKL, have designed the master plan. These companies are  internationally praised for numerous world-class projects,  

They worked long with nine local consultants to ensure no compromises were made. Every little detail was considered to give its residents a lifestyle on par with international standards.

Sustainable, Elite Class Lifestyle

“A city within a city”, says Tarek Hamdy, CEO of Eighteen Islamabad. Don’t see them as merely empty words. Within the boundaries of Eighteen, you will find everything you need. The whole world is at your fingertips at Eighteen Islamabad, so you need not leave your secure environment.

The world-class commercial area brings everything within the boundaries of Eighteen. Gated communities offer elite lifestyle requirements such as – 

  • The business hub, core area for local and international businesses.
  • The resort, a 5-Star Luxurious Center.
  • The club, the center for social life in Eighteen.
  • The square, An elite class Shopping and dining area.
  • The clinic, an international-level treatment center.


The project has well-planned luxurious villas, apartments, and corporate offices. Eighteen Islamabad has become a hub of possibility.  For people out there looking for a luxurious residence, now know exactly where to look!

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